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Hi all, I have a question here about conceal carry permits here in NC. I live in Charlotte and am applying for a conceal carry permit. I was wondering what all they check on the DD-214, as I have a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions, would this disqualify me for a conceal carry permit? Thanks!


SECTION 7. G.S. 14-415.12
(b)The sheriff shall deny a permit to an applicant who:

(7) Is or has been discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States under conditions other than honorable.

G.S. 14-415.12
Now, it seems to me that that is referring to a General Discharge Under Other Than Honorable Conditions, Bad Conduct Discharge, or a Dishonorable Discharge.
Now, it seems to me that that is referring to a General Discharge Under Other Than Honorable Conditions, Bad Conduct Discharge, or a Dishonorable Discharge.

"other than Honorable" seems pretty clear cut, I'm afraid.

Disclaimer: I am not the sheriff or a lawyer.
The below are from the U.S. Army site. There is more, but the other paragraphs dealt with BCD and Dishonor able. As noted North Carolina law says “Has been discharged from the U.S. armed forces under conditions other than honorable;”. It does not say you must have an “Honorable Discharge”. A General Under Honorable Conditions would not automatically make one ineligible for a CCW since the conditions are noted as “honorable”. An OTH, BCD, and DD are all “under conditions other than honorable” and thus disqualifying.

In the middle paragraph below are there are conditions named that might make one ineligible for a CCW. Lines 26, 27, and 28 seem to be the key.
“Most individuals and employers want to see an Honorable Discharge indicated in line 24's Character of Service in the DD 214...

The next type of discharge is a General Under Honorable Conditions. This type of discharge is given for a veritable laundry list of reasons. This can include drug or alcohol abuse or another of a long list of reasons. The problem with this type of discharge is several-fold, first the narrative reason for separation is explained. Often this can be stated as simply as misconduct (drug abuse) in line 28 of the DD 214. Also included is a separation code in line 26 of the form, which corresponds to the narrative reason for separation. Line 27 is a Reentry Code. This code is on a scale from 1-4, with 1 being acceptable for further service, 2, or 3 acceptable for future service with waiver(s) and 4 being ineligible for future reenlistment. While a veteran can say they received a general discharge under honorable conditions, the type of misconduct, for example drug abuse, clearly delineated on the discharge is not particularly impressive to future employers. Also the myriad of veteran's benefits described above is not generally available to an individual with this type of discharge.

The next type of discharge is an Other Than Honorable or an OTH. This discharge is usually given after administrative separation board based most commonly for failure of a drug or alcohol urinalysis test, but also can be based upon other misconduct. This type of discharge can only be given when a Soldier has been given significant opportunity to consult with counsel and refute any charges in an administrative hearing before an impartial board of officers with the assistance of counsel. Once again the type of discharge is clearly delineated on the DD 214 and is generally not favored by employers. Once again the veteran's benefits described above are not available to an individual with this type of discharge”.
Service Discharges; DD Form 214 Explained | Article | The United States Army

You can also check the North Carolina Firearm Laws, page 14, 15, and for factors that would disqualify one from having a CCW.

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Well, as I said, my discharge was General, Under Honorable Conditions, though it wasn't for drug use, alcohol abuse, or any crimes. I was just young, immature, and stupid, and they got tired of it. I was given the option to be discharged, and I (foolishly) took it. Since the Navy, I've not committed any crimes, and have held a steady job for years. Ive been able to purchase long arms and pistol purchase permits, and I am hoping that I am not disqualified from obtaining a conceal carry permit.
It should be clear from Quiet Observer's post above that a "General - Under Honorable Conditions" discharge does NOT in and of itself disqualify you. It is one level above the classification cited as prohibited in the NC statutes. I think XD40scinNC is misreading this.

As long as there aren't other disqualifying factors (and it sounds as though there are none, from what you report), you should be good to go.

Please let us know the outcome.

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