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Can anyone recommend a comfortable holster for a Glock 21?

Thank You

IWB I use my Crossbreed Supertuck Delux

OWB I have a Blackhawk Serpa. Those are the most comfortable that I have found for my G 23.
comfortable holster

I have a Fobus paddle, a Blackhawk cqc/serpa and a Ghost, INC G.I. Stealth which is a clip IWB that I have been using since Feb. of this year. I like the Blackhawk very well and it is a smooth draw but I added a laser/light combo to my Glock and the clip is just the thing for that. It slides onto the rail and has a rail built in so the l/l combo slides on its rail. No net loss and very comfortable.
I bought a Blackhawk CQC SERPA Holster and I love the way it wears and feels. Not very good concealment though. I guess it would be hard to hide such a big gun OWB, so I ordered a CrossBreed Super-Tuck Deluxe today. I wish I could have tried it before ordering it.

Thanks for all the help.
CrossBreed has a two week trial period, and great customer service. I love my SuperTuck, and I'm sure you'll also be satisfied.
Small Arms are like cars; everyone has their own tastes. I prefer anything in a Taurus brand than Sig Sauer or Glock. My suggestion for the gentleman looking for a comfortable holster is try out Jim Morrisons "Cell Pal ConfortCarry Holster", I have one and it's everything Jim says it is... :yu:
If you're looking for IWB concealment I'm for Crossbreed Supertuck. Received mine yesterday and it's amazing. The service is the best service I've ever received from a vendor.


you'll have to look long & hard to find a better/more comfortable OTB holster than those made by EL PASO SADDLERY - i have 4 of them, in my collection of holsters.
(one of my "quirks" is that i match my holster, in color/skin/texture, to the belt/boots/etc. that i'm wearing.- i must have at least a dozen holsters, to fit my P6.)

a holster by EPS, in SHARK-SKIN will outlast the gun it's carries & maybe YOU, too! - NOT cheap, but tougher than nails. their horsehide holsters are also GREAT!

yours, TN46

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