Come support SB 1214 on Monday Feb 18th


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Please come support SB 1214 on Monday Feb 18th @ 1:30 PM in Senate Hearing Room 1. (Bill to allow adults 21 & older with CCW permit to conceal carry on school campuses.

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For anyone interested you can watch the archived video of the hearing Link Removed. The first 10 minutes are for another bill. The SB 1214 hearing begins at roughly the 10 min:24 sec mark. Initially you'll hear an overview of what the bill does as well as thoughts from AZ Senator Karen Johnson. The testimonials from those against the bill begin @ about the 0hr:14min:30sec mark. They were not asked to avoid repetition so you'll find that each testimonial basically covers the same points over & over. You can sum up their talking points with the following:

1) more guns = more bad, more accidents, more death
2) Police will be too confused if there is more than one person with a gun at the scene (a bad guy or gal & one or more good guys or gals)
3) citizens with guns will use their guns to kill in situations that without guns would have ended in nothing more than a heated argument, yelling, or perhaps a severe physical beating.

When asked, none of them were able to cite specific events where the above took place. They simply went on about imaginary "what if" scenarios with zero evidence to support their arguments based on nothing more than their own fear of guns.

The testimonies of those in favor of the bill began @ 1hr:05min:12sec. Due to time constraints & the fact that there were so many there to speak in favor of the bill, those in favor were asked to only bring up items that had not yet been discussed by other proponents. Even with that constraint, we managed to speak in favor of the bill for roughly 1 hr & 19 min's until the 2hr:24min:30sec mark which is when they list people who have submitted their stance against the bill online but did not sign up to speak. At 2:27:50 they begin the list of those in favor of the bill that did not speak. All done by 2:29:00 where they move on to SB 1408.

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