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Here is a subject I have not seen on this board. I am sure everyone has heard the media talking about the violence in video games and associating the use of games during a high profile murder or act of violence committed by teens. I remember shortly after the Columbine shootings that some people blamed that aggression and attack on video games.

The military has (or still does) use video games to develop a soldiers skills for use in combat. I enjoy playing some of these games. Call of Duty, Modern Warfare and the recent update to this game has extremely good graphics, intense battles and very realistic functioning weapons. There are objectives in these missions that one has to complete while not getting yourself killed. Navigating to waypoints, protecting your team members, hunting down suspects and capturing them. One game I played actually has a UAV that you control to spot and track enemy movement. It can really give you the combat experience without getting shot for real and I can see why the military has taken an interest in these types of simulations. Now some would argue that it is not the same thing as actual combat and I would agree but it will open your eyes. So now the question. Does anyone see this as a training aid? Does anyone else play these games?

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Video sim's, IMHO, have an outstanding position in military, LEO and civilian training applications. When I was growing up, I had to have the Double Holster set of Hopalong Cassidy 6 shooters. But as I got got older the training kicked in and never point a sidearm at people. The new videos do a great job of placing you behind the trigger, but don't show the ramifications of that trigger pull. Or the ramifications of being shot. If you get shot in the video, simply restart the game, no fear of lose. (Do you think a game would sell well if when shot the player can not restart the game for a week or so?) Some people do not have a problem drawing the line between fantasy and reality, but others add drugs or booze and that line is pretty cloudy. Am not a big fan of these games for kids, no not really...
I have to do some looking around, I can not remember who/when it was, but a gaming company was defending itself based on 1A... and at the same time very anti 2A. Sorta like Hollywood.

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