Combat Accuracy vs Target Shooting


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What are everybody’s thoughts on combat accuracy vs target shooting. What level accuracy versus speed of shooting is acceptable in a self defense scenario? [] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

In the video the person doing the demonstration basically just slowed down his rate of fire for what he called target shooting. No change in anything else.

In my opinion you need to start slow and work on speeding up. Always start with a holstered handgun. Work on your firing hand grip. Work on presentation, work on support hand placement. Get on the sights, and work on the trigger break. Get your finger off the trigger when you have completed firing. Work on safe gun handling skills. Change positions getting your finger off the trigger while moving. You can do all of the above without firing a shot at home. From all of my reading on this forum, it looks to me like most posters do not spend nearly as much time shooting as they need to. Various reasons, to busy, range's not handy to use, where they live, factory ammunition expense, etc. You can practice with an empty handgun at home to hone your basic skills. Then when you get to a range for live fire you should have a head start on technique. Work up to a Combat Speed you are comfortable with.

If you picked 10 different people off the forum at random to demonstrate Combat Shooting Skills, you would see varying skill levels from very impressive to dismal. I have been the Club President of a nice rural shooting facility for over 30 years. We shoot handgun match's every month, and we have different instructors who use the facility for CCW classes and training. I am around lots of folks who conceal carry. Skill levels vary a great deal. One thing is consistent however, people who shoot well, shoot a lot, and most do not carry pocket pistols.

It is hard to put a bench mark on Combat Shooting Skills. Practice as often as you can, get in as much live fire practice as you can, and continue to hone your skills until you are happy with where you are at.

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What do you think the most likely distance is that you need to point shoot versus taking an aimed shot? For me I want to be "minute of man" at 10 yards off of a quick point pull shot. I like to be "minute of man" from an aimed shot at 25 yards. For me, this influences the pistols I'm comfortable carrying. With my compacts I shoot those standards easily, with sub-compacts I shoot them well with regular practice. With my pocket gun, I definitely need some more practice, but then again with my pocket gun I should probably change my expectation to probably 5 and 15 yards. Lately I've been carrying my LCP2 a lot but I have the nagging thought in the back of my head I shouldn't lazy carry so often because I shoot so much better with my G26.

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