Colt 1911 Gov't - Which replacement grips do you recommend and why

Which replacement grip for a Colt 1911 Gov't model

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Although the 1911 is a great shooting pistol, the grip can be a little narrow for some larger hands..

If you were going to install replacement grips on a Colt 1911 - Gov't model, which would you recommend and why...

1) Hogue
2) Pachmayr
3) Other - Please specify..

Colt Grips

I think the look of Stag horn is just classy but so is ivory.
I would go with a wrap around that has finger serrations or with the laser grips just for the cool tactical/useful factor.

If it is a wood thing you can't beat rosewood or COCOBOLO
I'm gonna say Crimson Trace, good functional grips with a no light bonus! Now I'll duck and cover while the dissenters speak:biggrin:
Although the 1911 is a great shooting pistol, the grip can be a little narrow for some larger hands..

OK.. Several of the suggestions thus far seem to deal more with ascetics rather than better performance / comfort..

I am less concerned with how cool the gun will look (several suggestions are cool looking!!!), but I specifically mentioned Hogue and Pachmayr because these are made out of a softer material, provide a wrap around in front and / or back, provide finger grips, etc..

So, sorry for not being clear enough, but I'm looking at a bigger grip for the gun, that will provide a more comfortable grip for a bigger hand to provide better control and less recoil fatigue (not that I find much fatigue in a 1911)...

Thanx to you all for your suggestions so far.. Keep them coming!!!
If you can find them, try the beaded rubber grips that Radical Grips made for Colt, and then marketed them under their own name. They are comfortable, secure and came in a variety of colors. It's kind of fun seeing the reactions from people at the range when I pull out a 1911 with yellow or sky blue grips.
OK.. Several of the suggestions thus far seem to deal more with ascetics rather than better performance / comfort..

Performance and comfort may not always go well together, depending on the performance you're looking for.

My favorite grips are the VZGrips G10 Aliens. They have the best grip I've ever felt, but they are by no means comfortable. They have a very aggressive pattern, similar to 25-30 lpi checkering. The down side to them is that they can grip certail cover garment materials, causing dramatic printing

As far as comfort, and fitting larger hands, Hogue grips are tops for me, hands (no pun intended) down.
I have had Pachmayr combat style (flat, no finger grooves or thumb rest) on my carry combat commander for 20+ years and love them. Good grip wet or dry and still look good as well. I agree with one poster as that you should find a way to try them out as it is a personal choice.
If your intedtions are to actually use this gun, in a tactical or carry manner then I have been real pleased with the ...........

VZ Grips. Micarta and G-10. I currently us the VZ "Operator" G-10's on two of my 1911's. Nice grip serrations/checkering that provide a positive grip with both bare hands and gloves. Impervious to oils and other water etc.

Night Hawk Custom uses these grips on many of thier high end models.

I highly rec' them over the aformentioned grips.

VZ Grips
I went with the Radical Concepts grips for now, it was more in my price range..
They have not arrived yet, but hopefully in the next few daze :alcoholic:...
Personally, I'm kinda Old Skool. I like any decent checkered wood or Micarta grips, with a checkered Flat Mainspring housing and for a duty or defensive type gun, I put skateboard tape on the front strap of the grip frame. I never use any 1911 grip with finger grooves on the front. It keeps me from grabbing up high on the grip. I ALWAYS have a beavertail grip safety with the thick palm piece to make sure it gets depressed everytime. I started using skateboard tape on the front when I had to draw my pistol once with water and mud on my hands. The gun was slipping all over the place. If I don't have skateboard tape, it's going to be an aggressively checkered frontstrap.
I've used skateboard tape also on a couple of 1911's. I prefer a nice golfballing when I can get it done. Most that are doing it are so back up now that it's at least a 6 month wait, if your lucky.
1911 grips

I inherited my Dad's Remington Rand 1911 service weapon from WW II. It had the original checkered grips.
Since my hands are larger, I found that after the first trip to the range, the grip was not as comfortable as I wanted. I purchased Pachmayr GM-ALS. I found these to be the perfect size and also gave better control and accuracy. Granted each shooters requirement will be different but the finger slots work excellent for me.

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