Collecting money for charity and packing a gun...

Packing a weapon/gun while collecting charity money:

  • You think it is okay to pack a gun collecting charity money.

    Votes: 33 82.5%
  • Against packing a gun collecting charity money.

    Votes: 1 2.5%
  • Don't care if they do or don't.

    Votes: 6 15.0%

  • Total voters
I voted for "Don't care if they do or don't." I thought the whole idea of living in a Republic is to respect other people's choices as long as they don't impinge upon your own Rights. Seems to me that you choosing to carry, while denying your employees that same opportunity if they elect to do so, sends the complete wrong message about Rights, generally, and your perspective on the respect of those Rights, specifically. If you don't trust them, how can you expect that they should trust You? How can you expect others to honor those matters that you don't honor yourself?

Ektarr says: "If you want someone to be trustworthy, you have to start by Trusting them!"

Ektarr also says: "People judge other people by themselves: If I think people are lyin', cheatin' SOB's it's probably because I'M a lyin' cheatin SOB and I figure that's pretty much the way people are." What does this say about you not being able to trust your employees?

If the Salvation Army doesn't permit it then what is the purpose of calling them?

I DON'T know IF they allow it or not. THEY (the ones I called) did NOT know if they did either.

It ISN'T all cut and dried, i.e. that I have a permit, so I'm good to go everywhere except Courthouses, parts of airports, post offices (I think, have to check that) and a few other places to start with, are NO PACK.

Just a personal opinion (ALL posts on any forum are pretty much just that) but I like to abide by the rules of whomever property I am going to be on.

I see NOW, that the consensus (1. An opinion or position reached by a group as a whole. 2. General agreement or accord.) in the group that frequent USACarry that: I have a permit, I DON'T have to check and see if "they" want me packing while on their property.

That's fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

You have been an NRA member for close to 25 years and you don't permit your employees to carry at work, so how would we make them understand?
I guess I don't remember saying that. Are you SURE that is what I said?

I really thought I said:"I don't want my employees packing..." I CAN'T seem to find where I said: " I don't ALLOW my employees to pack..."
Did I say that? That I don't ALLOW them to pack? Maybe I didn't look close enough?

AND, if you were to ask them, they would tell you they NEVER heard the Boss say he (me) didn't want them packing at work, and Jason would probably have something in his coat pocket and Adam wouldn't because he leaves the room when a gun is pulled out to be looked at. We ARE working on getting that opinion changed. Afraid of guns, like they are going to jump up and hurt him. What kind of an upbringing is that?

BUT, a few seem to think I have it locked in stone I did. Hummm, pretty strange, how people arrive at conclusions. For some reason, they arrive at THOSE conclusions because of the way I wrote the post. (and THEN, when I say, YES, I did DO that... on purpose. To try to make people THINK, to get their heart beating a little faster when they [you] THINK they know what I said. ALL to often on here I see; "Me too." in reply to some stupid thing that was said and people DON'T stop and THINK, they just say; "Me too.", when, IF they would THINK about what was said in some of those threads, they HOPEFULLY would arrive at a different conclusion than "Me too.")

THAT some readers have become so warmed up that they have made their FIRST post on the board in reply to something "I" said more than once!

YES!! Good/bad/or indifferent, I try to make people THINK. THINK about what I am saying. THINK about HOW I say something.

Merry Christmas to you too and get well soon.
Thank you, I am having a good Christmas. Going to head out and see if the BurgerKing is open so I can get a hamburger for Christmas dinner because there sure isn't anything in the pantry or icebox. Might have to wait until tomorrow to eat if nothing is open.

YES!! Hope everyone on USACarry had a wonderful Christmas eve and Christmas Day so far, and received lots of presents.

I got a little sack of homemade candy from Adam's wife (to be) and a little homemade cloth bag to pack things in. Oh, and one Christmas card.

So, I did good. Better than last year when I only received two cards and no presents.

Such is life! Enjoy! So I have lots to be thankful for, hopefully all of you do too.
In Texas only the official 30.06 signs carry any weight. Other than that if an establishment puts up some no guns , no firearms no weapons allowed sign etc. I just ignore it. If it is the 30.06 sign I usually just find some place else to go.
They don't want my money and they don't need my money.
Don't care if they do or don't... No an issue for me. I'm sure if they open carried then some issues may arise, but if they keep it out of site then who's to know if they are armed or not... No issue if it's concealed...
Should they carry? You be the judge.

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Salvation Army Major Fatally Shot in Front of His Children

Friday, December 25, 2009

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Courtesy of Fox16

Philip Wise

Arkansas police are searching for two men who shot and killed a Salvation Army major Christmas Eve outside the organization’s community center in North Little Rock as his three young children looked on.

Pulaski County Coroner Garland Camper said two men accosted Philip Wise and his children — ages, 4, 6 and 8 — about 4 p.m. Thursday. He says one man pulled a gun, demanded money and then shot Wise.

Wise's wife, Cindy, also a major in the Salvation Army, was inside the center and called 911.

North Little Rock Police Sgt. Terry Kuykendall calls the shooting a tragedy for the community. Wise had worked in the neighborhood for years, helping run youth programs, a food pantry and church services.

According to Arkansas Online, the 40-year-old father has been a member of the charitable organization for 16 years

Friends and colleagues mourned Wise’s death, describing him as an “all-around good guy” and “a big teddy bear who loved sports.”

The Salvation Army told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette that any donations made in Wise’s name will go toward a music program at the organization’s summer camp.

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