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Has anyone noticed the signs in the main entrance doors of the mall. They are huge!!, but not legal just wondering

You are absolutely correct in that the sign is not legal and as such does not apply to someone carrying a concealed weapon. If someone did notice that you were carrying they could probably ask you to leave but if you keep your concealed weapon concealed you will be ok and if you had to use it you would not be illegal in your carry.
Those signs come as generic info for business. The one at Toys R Us faded and was removed. The sign when you go into the theaters at both the Coastal and Inlet mall are not valid either. In 5 years here I have only seen 1 valid sign; at the IHOP on Bus 17.
The sighns my not be legal, But is the time, and attorney fees worth it for a judge to rule there not???

They are not legal so there is no reason to face a judge unless you break the law. If someone were to notice your handgun and they asked you to leave and refused, it would be trespass. However, I go by the adage that concealed means concealed.

By the way, did you see the news about the recent drug busts and their ties to gang activity? I've seen the bandanas and tattoos on kids hanging around the mall and I'm not going in there unarmed.
Those signs are not legal. My CCW permit instructor (retired cop) also mentioned them in class. To be safe, I simply come in via Dicks Sports or another unmarked entrance so I can say I didn't see any sign.
for a place with a sign (legal or not) that is the logical answer anyway, if you get caught, I didn't see the sign. In most instances someone is going to point it out to you, you have to be outside to see it, then you can point out that it is not a legal sign.
For those concerned about the ramifications of an invalid sign just go to the website copy the rules and stick it in your wallet. I did that for a while to keep my wife happy. Remember LEOs do not have a priority on knowing the CWP rules as oppossed to the various rules for crimes.
Ia Trespassing not a criminal charge? if a place post a No CCW sign, legal or not, if the owner presses charges for anythiig a JUDGE has to rule, guillty or not....if a place post a sign, I just avoid that place, not worth it to me, and I carry every day, and every where I go..........that mite be the wrong thinking, but its
my thinking.. Enough said, every one has there own thoughts on things> Rite or Wrong< ..
You are only trespassing IF you carry concealed into a place and you're asked to leave and refuse. They may have the wrong sign but can still decide whether you're allowed in there or not.
>if the owner presses charges for anythiig a JUDGE has to rule, guilty or not....<

charges = court date .>rite?< >wrong?< if wrong my apology for the wrong info.....
For someone to press charges against someone there must be a crime. Carrying a CW in an area that has a non-conforming sign does not constitute a crime. If you fail to leave after being asked then a crime of trespassing has occurred. I carry in a lot of businesses in the upstate area that have illegal signs. Haywood mall and banks are some examples. The way the law is written I don't worry about a little thing like a illegal sign.
>if the owner presses charges for any reason< IF is the key word here............... just saying that IF charges filed for Trespassing or for any reason, is it worth it ?

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