CNN Video

That's good that more citizens. female or male, are getting CHL's and handguns.

That training simulator looked fun though, didn't it?
I have seen a increase in lady shooters at the local range over the past year and a friend teaches at the range a ccw class and has stated a lot of women have taken his class.
I will run this video for my wife, I have encouraged her to get her concealed permit here in Missouri, but so far have not been successful.
Bubba, you may look into if any courses are offered for women only, then encourage one or two of her friends to take her to it. We women are kind of funny that way--sometimes it takes a friend to convince us to do something our husband has been working on for ages :) If nobody is teaching one like that, you could suggest it--you never know, some instructor may take you up on it if they think they will fill a class that way.

Encouraging video. Another good thing about women learning to shoot is that it can dispell some myths they may have been taught by the media. Nothing against women, I am one, but lots of times we make decisions based on feelings and that can easily be played on by those against our rights.

Anyone involved with a range or similar type program may look into holding ladies night/shoots/courses to encourage more participation on the female end. And any ladies out there, invite a friend or two to go shoot with you. There are other programs like Becoming an Outdoor Woman and NWTF's Women in the Outdoors that are great for sharing the fun with a friend.
You know you can start her out on a .22 like I did mine, something with good sights so she can hit the target every time, then it may escalate into what happened to me a while back where I lost my HK for a whole afternoon while the wife shot steel, yeah she has her own but she wanted mine and what do you say other than OK. The only down side was I was stuck loading mags the whole time for her. :)

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