CNN poll. We're losing this one so everyone go and vote.


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Wow! 59% Yes to 41% No On more gun control! That’s crazy! I see it as most of these idiots are committing suicide afterwards, so they are coming there to die! Why not give them what they want and let students and teachers arm themselves, this way if the retards attempt to pull out a gun, they get a few people at the most and someone puts them down like they deserve! Even if a teacher or student misses a few and worst case hits an innocent bystander, but manages to tag the tard, in the end, I believe death totals would be a lot less than 15 in Germany or 10 in Alabama the other day! That’s not even considering the outcome of BG knowing that any student/teacher can be armed and might think twice before doing something that stupid!
Just my $0.02

On a side note, as I placed my vote, it changed to 58/42! Still not good, but made me a little happier!


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I stayed on and kept voting last night from 39% to 41%, guess I'll keep hitting it this morning, BTW hit refresh after you vote and you can do it over and over, the numbers don't change every time, but don't let it get you down, about every five mins. the page will show the new numbers.


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This is CNN's international version so is read around the world. No surprise gun rights are losing, most countries don't have any to begin with.


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To figure out why many around the world despise the US despite having little to no contact with Americans all you have to do is watch either CNN International or the BBC.

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