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I've been searching & searching, but I keep finding the same suppliers. Are there only a few suppliers out there that specialize in concealment clothing? I'm having a hard time dressing around my Glock 23 in my galco summer comfort (should be called the Super comfort I wear it all the time). It's going to start to get warm and I'm going to find it hard to hide my extra mags (Yes I carry 2 extra mags and I'm debating about leaving one in the jeep but that's another topic). Help me out. Do you buy specific clothing, and If not what are good brand names that help besides the "Hawaiian" style shirts. I prefer to wear just a T-shirt but I like them tight. Also I ride a bike (04 HD 1200XLC) and I'm looking for a new vest but don't want to fork out $200 to get a concealment vest. What are your thoughts, and opinions?


I buy most of my clothing from All of my pants is made by 5.11 Tactical. They make great vests as well. My favorite jacket is a denim jacket made by 5.11 tactical. Be sure to find something comfortable that doesn't "print". Another thing you may want to do before leaving the house is to jump up and down. Be sure that nothing falls or gets out of place. Holsters tend to shift through the course of the day. This is one way to quickly check and see that everything stays where it should. Another trick if you have the time is get a couple of friends together that also carry concealed, and play a quick game of soccer. You'll be amazed at how many sets of keys, cell phones, etc go flying during this exercise. If none of your stuff ends up out of place or on the soccer field, you're good to go.

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While not specifically CC clothing I like the fit and wear of most all of the stuff from Duluth Trading. Heavy belts, their "Ballroom Jeans" are great, long tail T-shirts, vests, traveler jackets.
My clothes are are purchased at Sam's Club, so whatever is on sale works for me. :)

I don't pay much attention to "Concealment Clothing" as I dress around the gun and try to be the "Gray Man". I don't want anyone to know I was there. so I don't stand out.

I have both a woolrich and a 5.11 vest. They are both good vests but the Woolrich has a couple features that I like a little better.
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I haven't seen a Woolrich vest. What are the features that you like better?


The collar area, comes up higher and is a little more comfortable and the inside pocket where you can carry a small gun. You do not have to use a holster velcro in because it does not open all the way around like the 5.11. On the down side I do wish the pocket was a little bigger.
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I think I'll order one to see how it works. I can understand the collar thing. My 5.11 tends to get uncomfortable when it's "fully loaded".

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I have several vest and on top of the list is my SIG-TAC vest. I use it as a cover garment and it's lighter than my 5.11.

A good source for a non tactical looking vest is Orvis. They have several styles, I have two for really hot weather that are very light and cool. :03:
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