Cleaning Glock magazines


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Can someone tell me if the Glock magazines dissemble like other mags? I tried to take them apart to clean the spring but could not get the floor plate to slide off like others brands and was afraid to try and force it.

Thanks. That was the way I was trying but the plate did not seem to want to slide. Perhaps it is a little stuck and I was just afraid to put to much pressure on it. I am going to try again.
My 3rd gen glock 17 was a pain to clean mags at first. I felt like I was going to break didn't break but it does take more than what you'd think to get it open.
Thanks guys. Got it done. Had I not had all the above info I probably would have given up as I was afraid I was going to mess them up. They were for sure harder to get apart than the mags of my other guns.
Yeah, I had the same issue with my G26 mag. I figured it just didn't work as others. I thank you, too.

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