Cleaning brass cases, looking for advice


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Just wondering what cleaners others might recommend for tumbler additives for brass cleaning. I'm new to reloading, and do most of my shooting with a couple of .357 Magnum revolvers, which do a fair amount of dirtying the cartridges (also shoot some 9mm in a semi-auto). I've seen several, some with good reviews, some not, just wondering about personal experiences. What I'm leaning towards at the moment based on the published reviews is Filtz Tumbler/Media additive (7.99 for 7.2 oz bottle, but another $10 for shipping! - so would need to find a local supplier), and Frankfort Arsenal. Seems that the reviews on Iosso are not so good.

Hope there are some old hands that can offer some good advice!


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I use walnut media and Frankford Arsenal Brass Polish (1-2 oz) with each polishing session. Unless you can find a local shop that carries it, I'd suggest ordering it along with whatever else you may need at the same time in order to maximize your shipping charges. I get it from Midway
I've heard of using liquid car wax instead of the Frankford polish, but I have no personal knowledge of how, or if, it works.


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I use the Lyman corn cob, I buy locally though at gander mountain usually.

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Before I used the walnut and I was not a fan. I run my brass for about 60-90min. Gets the brass about 75% clean. Remember the longer you clean the case the more wear there is on it. Yes it is minimal but it adds up over a few reloads.

I also do not lube my pistol cases. If you use carbide dies no lube is required. But it also doesn't hurt anything to use lube.


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I like the Dillon polish. I was able to find it at a local gun shop, buying it from Dillon is rather expensive if you figure in the freight. I use walnut shell to clean range ammo then corn cob to polish. I found the walnut and cob at the pet store for half the price. The cob is a bit larger than the cob at the gun store and is a real pain with bottle neck brass.


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Purchased a Hornady ultrasonic cleaner w/ both brass and firearm detergent. I have now obtained clean cartridges inside and out, w/ clean primer pockets as well. And I also got another bonus with the change, I had been getting nearly every round plugged with a piece of media in the flash hole that needed to be pushed thru before I could prime them, an extra step that added nothing. And I also can clean small parts and jewelry, etc. And it's fast by comparison too. Much happier now!

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