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Place here in Chester is having a class this month to apply for UT license. I think it is 3 hrs long. You are fingerprinted along with photo taken, proper paperwork, etc. for $100. Not a bad deal at all. The Dealer also has great items for sale from Firearms to Safe's. Send me a PM and I'll let you know time and place, phone #. I would list it here but I'm not sure if it is allowed to do so. I was going to do this but you know, I don't travel anywhere except MA. and MA. does not even recognize UT. I guess I can still take it which will cover ME. But still, your talking one state and it'll be a waste for Me anyway to get a UT.

Also, I just signed up my Wife and Son for "Basic Gun" which is in November. After they clear that course, next will be "Protection In The Home". I mentioned doing this last year but it didn't work out and I kind of slacked on it. This time I did it and I'm glad. Actually they are both glad too, they can't wait!!
Anyone else taking anything coming up for course's or classes.
Shit, it's 1:05 a.m., I think I'm going to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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