Citibank Refusing to Process Firearms Transactions

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If you have a CITI bank credit card you might think about canceling it especially if you want to use it for buying a firearm.
Citi Merchant Services and First Data Corp. are refusing to process any credit card transactions between federally licensed firearms retailers, distributors and manufacturers — a move which will severely limit available inventory of firearms and ammunition to military, law enforcement and law-abiding Americans.

A little more info.

Citi Merchant and First Data Corp's Backdoor Gun Control
Citi Merchant Services and First Data Corp has decided to implement their own form of gun control, refusing to process credit card transactions between firearms retailers, distributors, and manufacturers, according to a press release issued by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a trade association for the firearms industry (h/t Hot Air).

This is scary stuff....imagine not the government infringing our rights, but private financiers doing it for will once again be king.
I have an equity line thought them. Maybe I should decide not to pay back any debts to companies that won't process FFL transactions. lol probably won't get away with that but I was wanting to refinance anyway. I'll make sure they knew why I will no longer use them for any financing in the future!
Thanks for the post I just filled out a application for a Citi card, and have not as yet mailed it in. I will be greasing my shredder, with that application today.:)
Paragraph #3 is a meaningless justification. Citi is not a law enforcement agency, and they are not required to monitor adherence to gun control laws; as long as they process the transaction in good faith, it is the responsibility of the buyer(s) and seller(s) to adhere to the GCA. Interstate FFL transactions are a well-established procedure.

They need to open a new department, CitiFascism...
If I had one it would certainly be time for a new credit card. This is not very smart on their part. I would think as many credit card offers I get everyday it is a very competitive market. Losing customers over something like this is just stupid. Not to mention the other stupid issues with this policy.

Send their Board of Directors a voided credit application (unsigned) with a note citing you don't want their card since they don't want your business or support the Constitution.
They will regret this move in the long run. Telling a person what they may bay with their card is way out of line. Of coarse most bad guys use their card when buying gun on the black market.
Go to the NRA or the National Shooting Sports Foundation and apply for one of the credit cards that they offer.
I just got a credit card application in the mail from them. I wrote a nice note about how I refused to support someone that is trying to take away my 2nd amendment rights and a no thank you on it. Put it in their self addressed stamped envelope and mailed it back to them. I'm sure it will do no good, but it cost them shipping. :D
What other banks are involved???

It would be nice to know what other banks are involved and to consider all of them a see and avoid threat. If they won't support me and my freedoms, why should I support them? Conversly what if all the gun owners avoided them altogether? Who would be there when crime happens? We all kmow the police won't make it to a bank on time unless there is a hostage situation. I refuse to place myself at risk for an institution that scorns my freedom and infringes that which we hold dear.
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Good info to know. I might just have one of their plastic things laying around the house that is about to be cancelled with a note why. We all know this so it is like the preacher says, it is preaching to the choir, if legal gun owners are forced to give up their guns, then only the bad guys will have guns.
now I am glad I went delinquent on the 2 citi cards I had. how can they justify telling me what I can and can't buy?
So let me understand

what if you are at Cabellas or SW and buy a rifle or handgun, how would they identify your purchase as firearms related?

Has anyone sent the major sports retailers or gunstores a letter or six? If Mastercard/Visa starts getting complaints about the card being unacceptable from the merchant AND the consumer community, THAT will generate a more serious consideration by the companies.
Cash is King, (Dave Ramsey) but visa is nice once in a while. no BMW in the garage, but other nice items to enjoy my time with and they are paid for:)
No more creditcards for me.

I recently combined my 2 credit cards into one loan that will be paid off in 5-6 years. This beats the 20 or so years the credit card companies are hoping for when you only make the minimum payment. I have paid cash or used layaway and what I have saved in interst fees alone is staggering. Maybe I will go out and buy a new gun. Any suggestions for a military grade service pistol?
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I know this post is aging a little but, I read it this morning and I feel sick to my stomach!!! I think this really needs to made into a HUGE deal. EVERYONE on this site has got to read this.

Luke, can you make this more visible? I have to go call Citi Bank.

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