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Local circle k stores in north Louisiana have signs that say no guns allowed in the store. They make them very small about 4" X 4" and post them in very hard to see places. It is state law to abide by these signs, so, I consider this method of signage as a form of entrapment. Anyway I'm sure that the intentioned robbers will change their mind about robbing the place if they see the sign. I'll drive an extra mile or two, to another C store rather than spend one dime there.


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I totally agree. Any business, whether it be grocery, bank, restaurant, etc. that posts signs of this nature will not get any of my business. Nor will they get any of my family, friends, or colleagues business as well.


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In Mn, the sign has to be of a specified size and lettering or it isn't valid.
Even with the correct sign, it is only trespass if they ask you to leave and you refuse. If you leave when asked, no harm, no foul.

So my reading ability is selective.
Concealed is concealed, right?


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Well my main gas station is cirlce k about a mile down the rd. Haven't brought my gun in with me there yet but i don't think they will say anything being its kind of a country town in my area. I haven't seen any signs but haven't looked either.


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I think this sign is more appropriate.



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Ahhh, Gun free Zones...the sweet smell of legally mandated Safety. "You always can feel safe in a 'Gun Free Zone'". (govt newspeak)
History also has an ironic (predictably deadly) way of eventually rendering human Knee Jerk reactions into.... 'Fail'...


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Here in SC we would see such small signs as a "wink, wink" message meaning, "we're not going to enforce this stupid policy". To be legal, signs here have to be 8.5" X 11". As others before have said, concealed is concealed. I don't see most store owners attempting to pat me down with any success anyway. Also I refuse to fly because of the hassle and loss of rights. I'd rather drive than give up my rights. They can take their aiports, and air lines and shove 'em as far as I'm concerned. If I must fly, I'll fly private with my carry piece and without having my wife, daughter, or grandmother fondled. Where I am not allowed to carry, I avoid going or spending my money. Period.


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In full agreement with Badman400 regarding no flying. Won't do it. Recently drove round trip from Indiana to NC so my mother-in-law would not have to put up with that garbage by flying to IN for her 80th birthday. Drove her back, also.

As far as the sign goes, it is the right of the store owner to prohibit guns on the premises. Not saying I think they should do it but it would not likely keep me away as a customer. Then, again, it might.
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In border state NM, carrying concealed without a CCW is a misdemeaner. Open Carry has been around since the early days of territory leading to statehood. Carry, C or O, into a store that 'serves' liqour now results in a misdemeaner. Beer wine boutique cafes, CCW is allowed. Walmart McDonalds clerk was attacked and stabbed. CCW patron brought armed actor down with triple tap. At the time liquor was 'sold', but of course not served in the store. Charges were never brought against the CCW. Law was amended to allow CCW in package stores.

Local Bank robbery with a CCW downing the gunman, NO charges filed. CCW came to NM after two open public business were scenes of mass carnage from armed invaders. Hollywood Video solved. Las Cruces (border town) Bowling Lanes never solved..
Last year was another deadly scene in workplace (gun free zone) Memorial service is planned with memory garden. Armed guards are now at controlled entrance. Really 'gun free' now...supposedly.


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It has long been common knowledge to citizens and bad guys alike that it is against the CK policy to allow clerks to carry guns. They will get fired even if they avert an armed robber, etc.
Looks like they want their cake and to eat it to. Maybe there sign should say "WARNING, if your a potential robber and use a weapon, there could be deadly consequences that aren't readily apparent."


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Noted that for last several years the CK chain and many other convenience/gas stores, even pharmacies have changed ownership. Primarily in areas referred to, in PC newspeak, as 'International Zones' (ABQ NM:>). They have been bought out by interests originating in the Eastern world.

Just try and rob them, if you dare.... no matter what the laws are. The results are not pretty, the 'recipients' of their instant and violent response do not survive. Career Repeat Offenders?.... It's their last.

The late night news does not go into details of the owners and clerks.... 'Self Defence'.
They seem to be really quite 'Intolerant'. Hmmm, isn't there a law against that?

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