church carry


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My wife and I do, as well as several others. (including pastor)


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A church makes a nice target for religious fanatics. But then so does Walmart, or any place where breathing Christians congregate. I carry in my church. Not sure that killing someone for breaking into you car at church constitutes, fear of your life.

Walmart does not have a company policy against carrying firearms in store. May be a store manager thing, but Walmart won't back it.
Know of an incident of a guy open carrying in a Walmart. Some lady complained and the manager called the police. They asked if he had removed the gun from his holster, threatened any one or was causing trouble. The manager told police no, but was making a few customers upset. The police said there was nothing they could do , as the guy was not breaking any laws (Open Carry State) and the manager asked if he could request the guy to cover the gun up. The police said no, he was legal as is, and if you told him to cover it up, and the guy did not have a CCW permit, you would be causing him to break the law, and would be held accountable. The police said to leave the guy alone, let him shop and leave when he was ready. He was with in the law.


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Walmart has a policy against employees carrying but not customers in their stores. Their only customer restrictions would be local laws where the Walmart is located.


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If some one was to come into our church and open fire, they would be sadly mistaken to think we are a "no gun zone". I know of 5 guys that go every Sunday that carry in church, and being good Christians, we believe in our Godly right to self defense. Shooter will be very "holy" when they bring in the body bag for him.

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Better title for this thread should be "How many people carry LITERALLY EVERYWHERE THEY GO?"
I know at least one good, God-fearing Christian who does.


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In SC, carrying in a church isn't allowed unless the pastor gives permission.

In my opinion, it's not a good Christian testimony to break the law, so Hubby and I follow the law.

Our pastor does allow persons to carry concealed in our church if they request permission. We also have an armed security team onboard, and a roaming patrol for the parking lot.

Our church is also part of our Christian school campus, so different rules pertain during school hours.

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