CHUCK such a bad @$$...

Jack is tough because the script says he is. Chuck is tough without a script.
I totally agree Wolfhunter.
There has been this rivalry of Jack Bauer jokes, based on stealing all the Chuck Norris jokes. I'm just gonna clear this up real fast.

Jack Bauer is a fictional character on tv, played by a guy born in England.
Chuck Norris is a real life bad a$$ born right here in the good ol' USA...Oh yeah, he's also a 8th degree black belt in tae kwon do, a world class karate champion, brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, avid 2nd amendment supporter, humanitarian, star of Walker Texas Ranger and various films, and an all around good guy.

There is really no comparison between the two men. They're not even in the same league here. Chuck wins hands down.
At the beginning of time, Chuck Norris and Mr. T fought. Chuck round-house kicked as Mr. T uppercut. Chuck's foot struck Mr. T's hand.

The resulting explosion is now known as "The Big Bang."

Then Chuck kicked Mr. T's @$$.
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