Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun?


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I prefer the M110A2 myself. :biggrin:

I actually had the honor (if you want to call it that) of firing the last round out of an M110A2 in the US Army. My unit B 2/157 FA had the last M110A2s in the Army inventory and they were sold to Morocco when we switched over to the M109A3.

I still have the lanyard in my foot locker somewhere
Dad prefers the 16"/50 Mark 7. :biggrin:


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This is all sage advice!
Now I will really help the OP out for sure because many have missed the dynamics here!:biggrin:
To the OP >>> Take Cabrera's advice and pick out the gun that fits these parameters. Buy that gun and don't tell anyone:no: Then go pick out a great little .380 like your FIL and wife suggested. I would recommend the LCP or the Kahr p380.
Show that one to your Father in Law and of course your wife!
Now see how much more your wife and especially your FiL respect you for your intelligence and great decision making?! :yu::biggrin:

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This is all sage advice!
Now I will really help the OP out for sure because many have missed the dynamics here!:biggrin:
To the OP >>> Take Cabrera's advice and pick out the gun that fits these parameters. Buy that gun and don't tell anyone:no: Then go pick out a great little .380 like your FIL and wife suggested. I would recommend the LCP or the Kahr p380.
Show that one to your Father in Law and of course your wife!
Now see how much more your wife and especially your FiL respect you for your intelligence and great decision making?! :yu::biggrin:

:eek:fftopic: I'm actually doing something similar...

My .45 is too much for my wife to shoot.
The G-17 is too big for "her" hand.
After years of explaining why CC is SO IMPORTANT, she's ready to go for her CPL, of course "she" will need something to properly fit "her hand" and be "easy to shoot & carry", I guess I'll have to buy another gun. :dance3: One "she can practice with while she waits for her CPL to arrive".
The hook has been set now I'm just slowly reeling this fish in.


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:eek:fftopic:Glad some of you can appreciate my help.:wink: After all I have been helped by others here and I m just trying to reciprocate!:cool: BTW Treo, THanks


you need to try out several guns and if possible shoot them at a range. if it doesnt feel right dont buy it. there are many who say bigger is better however bigger has its own problems. it is harder to conceal a large handgun but with a bigger gun comes more recoil . this makes the gun harder to control and multiple shots less accurate. a smaller gun(caliber) will allow more control. ive carried a north american arms 22 magnum for many years and on the couple of occasions ive had to display it for defensive reasons the assailent backed off. it also is very good for deep concealment. i dissagree with anybody who says a 22 is worthless. the 22 with you is better than the 45 at home. whatever you decide PRACTICE then carry as much as possil\ble.


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Well I am kind of in the same boat you are. I already carry a Glock 19 and love it but, there are situations where I would love small like a pocket pistol but, I am not sure what I want. I started with a .25 one of the smallest mouse guns but way under powered. I am going with a 9mm. There are a few options but, not sure where I am going probably with one of the Kel Tec 9mm. Bottom line is carry what you feel safe with and feel comfortable with. I still haven't found the right holster for my Glock so; I am looking for something for the pocket. The winter time it's easy to carry my Glock but, summer is tough I haven't found the right IWB holster yet. The reason I went through this spiel is; make sure you are comfortable with not just the gun but, also remember how you are going to carry it. You may be very comfortable with the gun but, not the way it holsters to your body. I am finding out the hard way although I don't know if there is an easy way. Most holsters are order then try, order than try. Not many places to get holsters close to me or at least that have a wide selection. Example of what I mean is my Glock is very comfortable in a vest or OWB but as I mentioned I don’t like it IWB. I have a crossbreed which most people love but, it’s very uncomfortable to me. I have a revolver snubby and again don’t like it IWB. When I bought them that’s the way I envisioned carry them (IWB) but, it’s not working for me at least for now. One last thing don't let caliber rule the roost yes a .45 is the best and yes a .357 is great and both are better than a 9mm or a .380 or a .32 but, and this is important if you are not comfortable with a big caliber I believe it can harm you more than help you. So carry what your comfortable with. A .32 or a 9mm is better than a .00 or a 0mm. Good Luck


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Uhmn, I'd advise againts anything shoved into pockets or into waistbands. That's just an accident waiting to happen. A gun should be carried in a holster, be it a very minimalistic one, that does cover the trigger. That being said you may also consider a 9m since it offers far better performance than the 380 and typically ammo capacity. That is the route I went with a XD9 sub compact in a Galco holster and it work fine for me.


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Do overlook the obvious...

hp-hobo's tongue-in-cheek (I think) solution and njsportsman's comments remind me that, for most of us, one gun and one holster does not work for all situations.

It will likely turn out that you want one gun, when clothes or circumstances permit, optimized in favor of caliber and shoot-ability and another, for other occasions, optimized for conceal-ability.

How great is that - you and your father-in-law are both right?!


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Personal Decision

Lots of sage advice here. When I started CC'ing, I did some research on what to carry. I actually went through two different guns (Taurus and Kahr) but was not satisfied with either. I now carry a compact 1911 from Rock Island and love it. Small enough to conceal, a little on the heavy side, but with a good belt and holster it's quite manageable. Cost was less than 400.00 new and as for power, well it's a .45. 'nuff said :cool:
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There's always the school of thought that suggests that shot placement is just as important, maybe more important, than stopping power. A poorly placed shot from a .45 won't stop anyone as well as a well-placed .380 to center mass of the heart or spine.

When choosing a CCW, one must still consider fit/feel, concealability, functionality, and how well it fit's your lifestyle. Stopping power is nothing if you don't hit the target, and you never want to hit the target just once--you keep hitting the target till it's neutralized.

just sayin'.............


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I have a Ruger LCP, this is my first carry gun. I hadn't shot one before I bought it (I grew up shooting though), I have yet to meet a gun I can't shoot with a passing grade, is that odd? I mean sure I'm far better with some than others but all go where they are supposed to, so I wasn't worried that I'd be able to hit what I needed to. I brought it to the range and at 15yds and in all shots were center mass and right where they would need to be. The "sights" do suck but stressed out you won't probably use them anyway. It's far from a fun range gun but that's not why I bought it.

After looking at a LOT of small pocket guns I went with the LCP on fit, finish, and feel. I liked it better than the others and it has stellar reviews of late online. Do I ever feel "under gunned" nope not at all, in fact most of the time I feel over armed. Why? I don't live in a particularly bad area at all, in fact a very good one, that also played into my decision.

I think it's very easy to get caught up in the "what if" game. Heck that's why I got a CCW in the first place, started on "camping" sites that turned into "survival" sites and moved into CCW sites. The way I look at it, I've been alive almost 37 years. Not one time have I needed a firearm, now I have one just in case. The world is changing no doubt, but I feel that any RELIABLE firearm that I carry will more than do the job in the very unlikely event I do ever actually need it, as long as I do mine (don't under perform and blame the gun) and make all reasonable efforts to avoid trouble in the first place. If you see something fishy, leave or go the other way.

My next purchase will be a XDM Compact 9mm. I almost went .40 but decided I'd rather go with the more affordable ammo and more practice (shot placement) route. If you place your shots well a .380, 9mm, .40. .45 will all do the intended job.

So try not to get caught up in all the what if's, pick a gun that you feel comfortable with bringing with you all the times you want it and forget what others say. My dad who is a retired LEO said why would you get a 9mm and not a .40. My reply, I still have 19 shots and I doubt I'll EVER need it, his reply, makes sense. Most LEO's NEVER shoot their guns remember that too.

Most of all HAVE FUN WITH THE WHOLE PROCESS, picking out new stuff is fun and that's the way it should be. It is an important purchase but it's also fun to go to the range. Plus who knows you may get the first one and completely change your mind in a week or two after carrying and seeing what it's really like.

So stay safe and welcome!


Keep hearing about "shot placement." Well heck yes - you need to hit what your trying to or it won't do much good.
But let's say in a sudden, violent, unexpected encounter, which they will be, we hit mass but are a little off center, say in the shoulder. A .45 230g JHP +P (RA45TP - 990 fps 501 lbs pressure), which I use, will still likely take the day when off center, and take off a good bit of shoulder too.
My point is: I have shot the LCP and do like it; it's a fun gun and attractive due to it's size - but would only use it for a #2 BUG on the ankle. #1 BUG is on the weak side.
A lot say "what your comfortable with" and I agree, but I prefer to say, "the biggest caliber you can keep in the mass with successive (3-5), rapid fire rounds at any distance up to 15 yards."
And if your using the .45 +P you'd better have a Glock so it doesn't blow up in your face :biggrin:


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Personally I would not choose a .380 and I have owned one in the past. My CCW is a Walther PPS .40 cal. The Walther is very concealable being under an inch thick. Because it is this thin it only has a single stack in the mag (6+1). It is a quality, durable firearm and though somewhat expensive, not too much more than any comparable firearm. A LCP is somewhat smaller and thus more concealable but really the Walther is concealable in every way except maybe an ankle holster (which I have tried). In the end, I would do as much research as you can, hold & fire as many as you can and choose the one that you feel best with. Then practice your butt off.

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