Choate folding stock vs. ATI


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I'm thinking about getting myself a folding stock for my Moss 500 for Christmas. ATI seems to be the prevailing choice. Has anyone tried the folders from Choate? It's all steel and has a rubber buttpad. This really looks like the better choice to me. Link Removed.

ATI probably wins on aesthetics, and it might be lighter, but the ones I have held seemed flimsy, and the bare plastic going into your shoulder could get old quick.

The only drawback I can see of the Choate is that it's $80, compared to the ATI which is available under $50 at most places.

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I have one for my 870 but took it off after having it on it for years and put a standard stock with a pistol grip on it. I never used the stock to shoot from my shoulder because it will eat up your cheek. My new Tristar Cobra Pump came with one on it and a standard stock. The first thing I did was to put the standard stock on it. Look for a side folder with a tube stock extension. It's easier on the face.
I have a Chaote side folder for my Marlin Model 9 carbine. Chaote does make good stocks.

However, for shotguns I prefer the Knoxx Industries now Blackhawk Link Removed.
Blackhawk is the way to go. I have the Knox SpecOps Adjustable Shotgun Stock on my Mossey 500 and love it. Takes a lot of recoil out of the firearm.

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