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I will be traveling from MI next week, researching the reciprocity & specifics, but can't find anything about this museum. I assume that means concealed carry is fine, but would like to hear if any of you know different. Their website doesn't mention it at all. I hate being surprised by a sign on the door when I get somewhere.... Thanks!

In our state, the only places you cannot carry (open or concealed) are as listed below:

What places are off-limits when carrying a concealed weapon in Indiana?
1. In or On School Property.
2. On a school bus
3. In or on property that is being used by a school for a school function
4. Private School(IC 20*9.1*1*3) & (IC 35*41*1*24.7)
5. Head Start (IC 35*41*1*24.7)
6. Preschool (IC 35-41-1-24.7)
7. IC 35*47*9*1Allows the carry of firearms by persons permitted to possess and who are transporting a person to or from school or a school function.
8. On an aircraft
9. Controlled access areas of an airport
10. During annual State Fair 80 IAC 4-4-4 (Must lock in vehicle)
11. Shipping port 130 IAC 4-1-8 (Controlled by Indiana Port Commission)
12. A riverboat Casino

#3 may be the one that will catch you here. The Children's Museum is a field trip destination for nearly all schools around it. If even one of them is using the Museum as a field trip spot that day, you won't be able to carry.
Thanks. I had seen that list, but wasn't sure the interpretation of #3. So that means if a school group shows up while we're there, I have to run back to the car & lock it up? I have a feeling if I call the museum to ask if there will be any field trips that day they'll really think I'm a weirdo.
Yeah #3 is going to be your problem. I would say if you're visiting on a weekend you'd be ok but as soon as a school trip shows up you would have to get the gun out of there. I'm not sure how lenient they would be in this situation like if you were already in there and then they showed up. If you carry concealed I would say nobody would be the wiser but that's your call and if you get caught... well who knows.
'Safest' bet would be just leave it in the car and by 'safest' I mean not getting arrested.
I've tried to find info on cases where #3 has been an issue but I've not been able to find anything as of yet.
On a side note, last I checked Indianapolis city prohibits the possession of weapons in city parks so keep that in mind on your visit as well.
Hope you have a great trip!
On a side note, last I checked Indianapolis city prohibits the possession of weapons in city parks so keep that in mind on your visit as well.

This can't be true anymore. State law prohibits cities within the state to restrict guns further than what the state mandates. If that makes sense. For example, Evansville used to have a similar law about public parks and what not, but they got in trouble last year when they arrested a man for carrying at the zoo, but were later told that they can't restrict gun owner's from carrying outside of the state restricted locations. Just fyi.

But I agree... enjoy the trip and if you truly keep it concealed, none will be the wiser.
Visiting today. Found this on their website:
Visitor's Tip # 4:
The museum is weapon and smoke-free (including e-cigarettes). Pets are not allowed in the museum or parking garage. Youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Another "safe zone"...

Hope that helps!

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