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ATLANTA (AP)- Georgia's gun laws are getting a fresh look.

The effort's being led by state lawmakers friendly to the National Rifle Association.

A day after the U.S. Supreme Court said that Americans have a right to keep guns in their homes, Georgia's Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle named state Sen. Mitch Seabaugh Friday as chairman of a legislative study committee looking at firearms laws in the state.

Seabaugh, a Republican from Sharpsburg, is known as a staunch supporter of gun rights.

Seabaugh and two other Republican legislators on the panel voted for a gun bill taking effect Tuesday that allows Georgians with concealed weapons permits to carry their firearms into restaurants and mass transit.

A fourth senator on the committee voted against the gun bill.

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Actually, this bill should have been introduced a long time ago. Among shall issue states, Georgia is among the least appealing states, at least in terms of the list of off limits places. It never made sense to me that carrying on public transportation is a felony. Furthermore, the undefined "public gathering" prohibition was equally stupid. This change was a long time coming.

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