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let us all diligently keep up the pressure on our elected reps... do not be afraid to tell them that you will hold them accountable for their actions on 2A issues. hey, the NRA-ILA asks us all to mail them copies of every piece of feedback, good bad or indifferent, that we receive from our elected officials about 2A issues, and they will make them public and use them to further our cause. so in case you good folks did not know that, copy your response letters and send them to NRA-ILA right away. TELL your elected reps you will do this, as well as inform NRA-ILA when they IGNORE your comments and concerns!

TELL you elected reps in Congress or elsewhere that you are a member of NRA, etc. and that this is a HUGE network of well-informed, thinking, INTELLIGENT citizens that VOTE and will remember every damn 2A-related action they take for future elections, and that we will spread the word far and wide among MILLIONS of voters who value their 2A rights, for better or worse, regarding whatever actions they take on 2A issues.

clamp down the thumb screws on these foks and hold them accountable. after all, they work for US (well, at least in theory)


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The Democrats got their butts kicked in the 94 elections, many still remember it. One unified voice speaks loud. Check out that site.
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