Check out the 3rd guy through the door.

That guy is an idiot. Only thing that makes sense is that those are blanks. But you don't give #3 guy a weapon with no live ammo. Guy #1 goes straight, guy #2 goes right, guy #3 goes...oh wait, no ammo. That leaves the left uncovered until #4 guy gets in.
I also like the traffic jam going in the door. Training training training...............did i mention training?
Yeah, either the dude is firing blanks - impotent and highly suspect tactic considering the door was SLOWLY smashed open with a heavy sledge... (I think the BGs inside already know you're coming in at that point)...

OR... the idiot is firing rounds all through a ghetto apartment project ceiliing, floor, ceiling, Russian, floor, Russian... and so on. Glad I don't roll with these mooks.

Either way, those people are alive only because they haven't yet met the BGs who want to kill them. Doesn't appear they're doing much to stay alive when they run into "the one" who pokes 7.62mm holes in their crappy tactics.
Starting at 0:48 you can see the aftereffects of this crack commando team exiting their clown car vehicle. That must be the driver on the ground.
I am glad I am not in the apartment above that one. Lots of holes in the floor and I hope 33 had an extra mag because he was out of bullets before they ever found the BG.
Did they get this guy from a staffing service to replace the usual guy #3 who called in sick that day?

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