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New member is a pretty gpood website for ammo, decent prices, large inventory.

I've been looking around there the past month or so. have not bought anything from there yet. but they seem to be reasonable. have seen there stock of certain ammo go in and out though.
Their latest catalog has this printed on the front cover"

"Possible drastic limitation on your Second Ammendment rights have caused political speculaltion and market uncertainty. We have sould out everything that might be banned or taxed and we are scramling to find more ammo, magazines, and gun gear. Supplies and price change constantly, we continue to struggle to find whatever we can while it is still legal. We appreciate your patience during this time of uncertainty in the Firearms Industry."
Very quick shippers, well priced items. I cannot tell you how much money I have spent on that site. is also a pretty good place to get ammo.
cheaper than dirt(not really).

Check sportsmans guide. A while ago I got some ammo from sportsmans for 139 and cheaper was selling it for 249.

Due to the rush on ammo even Sportsman's Guide is running behind. I ordered 7.62x39 ammo in December and it is still on back order, I watch for it every day. They do have a good selection and the prices are not bad at all :pleasantry:
a couple of months ago i ordered from Sportsmans Guide and they said eight to ten weeks and it came in three or four:yes2:. have always had good luck with them. and the coupons they send are nice also. have been a club member for three years and has been worth it in savings.
Cheaper than dirt is great for ammo and other items when they have things in stock. Try for ammo price is fairly good
I like Cheaper Than Dirt on some stuff, but some of their prices on other items makes me think they should change the name to Higher Than Heck!

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