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from his ex preachers excerpts that the media gave us who would go to his church. I guess that's why President Obama stopped going there. Going back to the other page that lupus posted,shouldn't obama be dead now or should have been dead for years now since along time ago was when he made his way to the front of the church and gave his life to God. The muslims i guuess let him slip on that one. Also wonder why he don't worship with the muslims. Come on guys. lets put the rumors aside and debate real issues like the economy, the war in iraq, health care. stuff like that, taxes(which obama will only raise on those making 250k or more a year)or anything. Lets please talk about something else besides obama being a muslim, him not being patriotic, not saying the pledge and all that mess. Real issues is all i'm asking.

taxes(which obama will only raise on those making 250k or more a year)
And if anyone believes that I have Ocean front property in AZ to sell you.


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Thoughts on a Vice, presume Pres elected goes down; grassy knoll replay, illness, impeach, etc. I have hopes that whomever steps up may be better than the choices we have so far. By now & this close has any of 'em even picked a solid 2nd? Obamination, cut & run leaving the middle-east to do a Georgia vs. Ivan clone, or [Hanio Hilton 5.5 yrs] John Mc-Coming 2 get U & "10 more years in Iraq should get them civilized", who could B just as dangerous once he gets them launch codes. I have a gut that it will be a vice who will B pres by 2012.
Feedback on dark horses with good pedigree?



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he'll a more modern version of Jimmy Carter. that man sold himself to politics and put his faith aside. Perhaps Obama is a Christian, but if so, he has sold himself to politics given his views and voting record.

i got no respect for that - at-all.

I agree with you that he resembles Jimmy Carter, but I'm not so sure about Obama selling himself to politics while putting his faith aside. He resembles Carter in that I think he'll be weak and embolden America's enemies at America's expense; that enemy, much like when Carter was president, is Iran.

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