Center Sight or 6-o'clock sight alignment?


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I'm just wondering what other people think. Which do you use center sight alignment to the target "bullseye" or 6 o'clock sight alignment? Is there a "correct" way or which ever works for you?

It depends on the gun

If I have never shot the gun before I put the top of the front sight dead center of the target and look for impact.

Granddad always taught me to put the punkin' on the post (6 O'clock alignment) But I have found nearly every pistol I have ever shot that is modern it is Center align and go.

The military teaches center align with the M-9.

In all honesty Putting the punkin' on the post worked well for grandad's old 45LC wheel gun. It shot sort of high and the sights on it were more of a suggestion.
That 6 o'clock hold might come from the old cap and ball revolver days. Every one I ever shot was about a foot high at 25 yds. If I was aiming for your eye I'd put the sights right on your cheek bone. Kind of grusome but you get the idea.
Thanks folks I was just wondering what other people do. I usually use center sight alignment. I am planning to go sight in a new pistol this weekend (never fired before) and got to thinking about my Grandpa telling me years ago to, as Festus said, put the punkin' on the post. He would always say that you can't see what your shooting if you cover it up with the sights. I just wondered if that were the correct way to do it or not. The sights on my Grandpa's guns were probably more of a starting point anyway come to think about it. He was a coon hunter and his guns usually rode around in the tool box in the bed of his truck most of the time anyhow.
"punkin' on the post" :laugh:

That's a good one...never heard it before. However, that's what I do when practicing with my CW. I think it's because I tend to jerk it a bit (breaking my wrist??) when pulling off multiple, rapid shots.

When shooting my pistols with adjustable sights, I put it where I want it though.
I prefer to use center target alignment. I feel that if you use the 6 o'clock hold, the point of impact can vary with the diameter of the target..... center is always center......
Interesting question. My owners manual for my XD (purchased last year) had the "punkin on post" method for POA. Maybe I should try the center align and see if that helps any.
With the M1A/M4, I use a six o'clock on target shooting but center when others by simply turning the sight down according to the distance. Everything else gets point of impact aiming.

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