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Before you throw your hands up in the air, please do take into account:
I am looking to create a space conducive to a discussion on this subject; it is a topic that is difficult to look at in the first place.
*You are of course entitled to your opinion and I expect a range of strong opinions, I simply ask that responses are structured with progression of this thread in mind.

I purchased (through a private party) a handgun at the age of 18. I am now almost 21 and going to get my CCW (only of course).

That being said, I have spent years being very frustrated. Knowing that the countless hours I took to educate myself as a gun owner amounted to me being more than qualified to carry my gun. Furthermore seeing a greater tie to age than knowledge in getting a CCW left me perplexed; sure many of my friends would not make great candidates to have a CCW, but neither should a good few of their parents that do! Why are we not seeing a strong tie to knowledge? *this may seem like a faulty causality, please speak up if you feel that way. I live in Washington (a will-issue state i.e. pay for permit, no classes, just pass a BG test) which may skew my perception.(though not much I feel)

I managed the waiting game to get my CCW by doing a handful of things. Adopting methods to carry I could practice realistically given my circumstances. Putting a safe under my car seat, carrying in a backpack, most importantly knowing my rights and knowing how to properly assert them.

Through my journey I met many others that did/are doing the same and discussed the topic with many others (including a few surprisingly supportive police officers). Here today I would like to bring the topic to a wider audience.

1. How do you feel about what I just shared

2. How could I have/ would you have approached everything (differently or not)

3. Do you feel like something should change to accommodate those like me, or not?

Please share and relevant thoughts!

Thank you.

Take out the picture of the troll spray and it's a valid question. Why did you post the exact same thread when you got a fair number of good replies to the first one?

Fair enough. With only four posts and joined yesterday, I immediately thought "plant"?

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