CCW Time Frame in Florida


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Anyone knows how long after submitting for CCW in Florida will they send the licence?


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I went to my local division of licensing office where they fingerprinted, photographed me & helped with the paperwork on a Friday morning. I received my card the following Thursday. That was almost a year ago, now. (results not typical)


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18 days in total for my fiance after mailing it in. As always time frames will vary.

**Just got mine in the mail today, total time 23 days.


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I did mine electronically at a licensing office. 11 days later I had my permit. I've heard lots of nightmare stories from people who mailed their info instead of doing it via a local office.


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I sent in my non-resident application, had to send in a second set of fingerprints,received my permit in 2 1/2 months. If I hadn't had to resent in a second set of prints it would have been about 2 months.


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Students of mine who have mailed in have said the wait is about 60 days at this time for the mail in app. People I know who went to D.O.A. and did it said they had it in 5 days. However in the Tampa office it is almost a two month wait to get an appointment. So 6 of one , half dozen of the other.


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Thanks to all who took the time to answer my question.
I could go to Tampa, however will go to Orlando since I know where it is. BTW they are 2 months behind in Orlando and I don't want to know about Tampa.
Again, Thanks for your help
Took me 3 months, butvthey sent me a letter saying I made a mistake on the app. I sent that back the same day and got it 2 weeks later.

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