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I'm new to CCW and I've stumbled on some things that I can't quite figure out on my own. I'm hoping you all can point me in the right direction. I'm really trying to get a good grasp on everything so let me have it straight between the eyes so to speak. I'm from Indiana.

I'm a t-shirt and jeans guy and I've been told IWB carry is probably the best. I've seen and read a lot about the Crossbreed Supertuck holsters. Do you have any opinions on the Supertuck or alternatives to it? I'm planning to carry a CZ75B I'm already fairly aware of its weight so I'm looking for a quality holster that is comfortable.

Are there any major do's and don'ts of carry that I should be aware of?

Anything else you think might be of use to someone brand new to CCW?

Thanks in advance!

Well Mr. Crow as a fairly noobie myself I would like to say welcome and I have found lots of intresting and helpful information hear. As far as holsters I wear just a standard leather IWB behind my strong hip, SW99 40 and have no problems from it (im a jeans and tshirt guy) I found it a little uncomfortable at first but after about a week i feel naked with out it. major do's and donts i would say read lots of laws and ask lots of questions. Dont carry anywhere its illegal and make sure you know the local laws. My goal is to know the laws better then any cop so I have ground to stand on when I am harrassed. Good luck have fun and carry safely.
Welcome to usacarry - great to have you with us.

Crossbreed Holsters are top-notch for sure, and they have a lot of fans & supporters here, as they're also one of this site's sponsors. The SuperTuck is a great CC rig for sure, but so is their SnapSlide for outside the waistband (OWB) carry for winter months when you can wear a long sleeve shirt or coat etc. ( Crossbreed Holsters > Home)

Kholster makes another exceptional CC holster and offers a similar lifetime warranty and more the reasonable price for their CC holsters. I like my Kholster IWB rig because it's insanely comfortable, affordable, and no portion of the gun ever touches/rubs against my body. (

Both are great CC holster makers that should hook you right up. Both offer quality, service, warranty and great pricing. There are others, but IMHO those are the 2 best options. I'm not saying that only because I own both, but because of all the holsters I own, those 2 makers are by far the best.

Knowing the laws in Indiana pertaining to CCW and contact with Law Enforcement (LEO) are two areas I'd recommend making sure that you're sure that you know. You can learn more about CCW laws in other areas as you need to if/when you're traveling.

Knowing your plan - both your general plan with all the "givens" and common aspects included, and then knowing your specific plan that will change situationally - will help a lot with your readiness and mindset as you CC in public. "What If" yourself all the time so you're never surprised, and as ready as you can be.

Lastly - training. Train and train as often as you can. I highly recommend training with your carry gun, drawing from your CC rig and drawing from concealment, so you know you can if/when you should ever have to. Training will build your skill and confidence, and training will be what you resort to when the "fight or flight" switch is flipped and the fan begins to get covered with fecal matter. A CCW Permit doesn't inherently equate to readiness or preperation. It just shows the world you know you're responsible enough to own one. Hope this helps.

Congrats and welcome! :biggrin:
Thanks both of you for the feedback and the welcome! I've been checking into the laws, in fact that's how I found myself here to begin with.

AZSATT, your link for Kholster got a little messed up but I found the website with a quick google search. It's always good to have options. Up until now I had been looking at either the Supertuck or a Galco IWB holster.
What AZSATT said....

Just a minor correction to the gentleman from Arizona's link, if you please:


I have two of the Crossbreed Supertucks, and they are what I favor. Another thing that I would suggest is to buy a good, quality made gunbelt. They are not cheap, but will perform MUCH better than your average belt from Wallyworld. They are more comfortable, provide for much, much better retention of the holster, and will last for many years (as in double digits).

I see that Crossbreed is now making belts, so when I have a little extra cash, I will try one out. Up to this point, all of my gunbelts have come from the elt Man ( Gun Belts by The Belt Man ). They are extremely well made, extremely durable, and extremely expensive. However, like much in life, I find that saving up and buying a good, quality piece of equipment to be cheaper in the long run, as well as better performing for the present. Of course, I am talking about well-made quality, not just a fancy name.

I also find that, for the jeans and t-shirt crowd, a nice bowling style shirt worn open is a great addition to the concealment of an IWB or OWB holster. It also, IMHO, classes up the casual look a bit.:biggrin:
Thanks for picking up that "H" for me Boomboy... :biggrin: Typos... oy!!

Good tip on the quality gun belt too.
I appreciate the input and welcome from the three of you! I'll definitely take a good hard look at a gun belt too.

IWB is not necessarily the best carry. Find what works for you.

Oh, the man said...TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN! Get some real professional tactical training.

Welcome again. You'll like the cast of characters who routinely post on these forums. Good shits, all!
As one who has to carry somewhat "dressed" I appreciate the SuperTuck and how you can carry with shirt out or in. I highly recommend it.

I too was a newbie.... I was making the mistake of wearing my pants/holster too low in regard the "sweet spot." (There is one spot on my hip where the holster just seems to "fit.")

Since I was wearing too low the bottom of the holster was cutting into my thigh when I sat down. I got creative and adjusted the gun& holster "up" and I cut off the bottom 1/2 of the holster along with the bottom "adjustment" hole.

Now that I've found the "sweet spot" and I'm wearing a little higher (pants) there was no need trim the holster. Lesson: Use it a good while before you get "creative."

But even modified, it's a great holster.
You know, not to go off topic (I know I can go and do a search), but I just checked out kholster's site. For the many of you who use the CrossB. and Kholster how does it feel against your bare skin? Does it get sweaty behind there up against your skin?? Is it like wearing your workboots all day? You know, foot getting a little ichy and sweaty?? I just came in some $ and I'm getting ready to purchase one. I already read about using one while seated in your vehicle and seems that there are no issues which is a good thing.
WELCOME to the show Mr.Crow. Read alot on here and You will find the answers you're looking for. Remember, All of us were "new" at one time(and We are still learning).
I have not used the supertuck, I use a comp-tac minotaur as my IWB with ability to tuck the shirt. It works great for me, very adjustable and secure. I use it with the Velcro tabs so I don't have two belt clips to hide with a tucked in shirt.

Make sure whatever IWB holster you get has enough material up top that the beavertail/hammer/safety are not rubbing your side causing irritation or safety concerns

IWB carry - use an undershirt if possible, it makes it much more comfortable long term then just against the skin. I started wearing wife beaters under my shirts. Not too bad even in the hottest weather.

If you routinely go with untucked shirt consider OWB instead. Much more comfortable and just as concealed depending on where the bottom of your shirt falls.

+1 on the good belt and you may have to go one size up on belt and pants depending on the size of the gun and holster. You will feel the weight pulling and will have to wear the belt tighter then you are probably used to.
Make sure whatever IWB holster you get has enough material up top that the beavertail/hammer/safety are not rubbing your side causing irritation or safety concerns

IWB carry - use an undershirt if possible, it makes it much more comfortable long term then just against the skin. I started wearing wife beaters under my shirts. Not too bad even in the hottest weather.

Great points! I carry a Taurus Millenium Pro 745. The holster is specific for the gun so the safety rides on plenty of leather holter. No chance of the safety getting flipped off. By the way.. I also have a 24/7 OSS DS (5.25 barrel) that fits the holster perfecty. The 745 and the 24/7 have the same trigger profile so they both fit the form fitted holster perfectly.

Yes, you are correct. A t-sheet make it very comfortable. I always where a T

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