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I thought I read somewhere a few years back that you could not carry with CCW on any State or Federal National park. Am I correct? Iv'e been trying to find the specifics on where you can and can not carry in New Mexico. I am awhere of the last updated law on carrying in a Liquor establishment. Could anyone pass along a link?

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New Mexico Law

One place to look is:

The other is the New Mexico Department of Public Safety web site because
they are the ones actually in charge of administering the CCW law:
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Thank you for your response. So I guess it is safe to assume you can carry in state and national parks unless posted otherwize? it just seems the website does not get into detail in where you can and can not carry. So far I'm reading you can not carry in federal buildings, schools and establishments that sell and serve liquor for consumption on property and where posted. ( personal property etc.)
ok I found more detail on CCW laws....

Location Limits

Concealed handgun licensees in New Mexico may not carry a concealed handgun:

In an establishment licensed to serve alcohol, with certain exceptions. Section 30-7-3;

On buses without prior approval from the bus company, unless the firearm is not readily accessible while on the bus. Section 30-7-13;

Within or upon any game refuge, unless the person is crossing the refuge over a public road or trail with the firearm unloaded, or the director of the refuge granted the person a permit. Section 17-2-12;

In the confines of a county or municipal jail. Section 30-22-14(B);

On the grounds of a designated adult correctional institution. Section 30-22-14(A); and

On the grounds of a designated child detention or correctional facility. Section 30-22-14.1.

New Mexico's state agencies have issued administrative regulations that prohibit the carrying of firearms:

On the campus of the University of New Mexico. N.M. Code R. §§,;

In a juvenile justice service facility. Sections,;

On the state fairgrounds. Section;

In any portion of any New Mexico state monument, if the firearm is loaded. Section;

On the premises of the state library. Section; and

In the state parks system, if the firearm is loaded, except during designated hunting seasons or in authorized areas. Section
Carry Restrictions

Quite a few of those restricted areas need to be made Unrestricted in the
next legislature session, but I'm not holding my breath. :grr:
OM44 (and all others): now that the 2008 Legislative session is over (unless the presidential candidate that is out of money calls for a special session, 'cause he's mad at the legislature), it is time to contact your local senator and representative, sit down and discuss your problems with the current NM CCW laws. It is time to sort out the problems, look for solutions, and push any that may be palatible to the "powers that be" that control the various committees in the legislature. Your reps. will know where the hurdles are, and what may be worth pursuing. We only get an opportunity once every two years to address our grievances, whatever the problem may be, so be ready early on, as the staff persons have to run the proposals through a meat grinder, then assemble whatever is left into a Bill, then run that past a gaggle of attourneys. Our laws can be changed and upgraded, but only if the electorate actually trys to make change happen. The ball is now in your court. :icon_cheesygrin: The more agreement within the reps. & senators, the more likely an acceptable bill will be presented.

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