CCW in Puerto Rico?


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I am planning to visit Puerto Rico in the spring. Does anyone know any information about CCW there? Thanks.

Thanks, I have looked around for any info but can't find ANYTHING. I don't even know if they allow it at all. Anyway, I was just hoping somebody may know a bit more than I do about it.
Residents of PR only, was just there this past October. If your not packing, stay out of old San Juan at night (lots of pick pockets)
RESIDENTS ONLY, was just there this past October. If your not packing, stay out of Old San Juan at night. Lots of undesirables out there.
We were in Jamaica last year and hired a private car/body guard for a day trip. We got to talking, I was curious if I could set up shop there. He said there were only three body guard companies approved by the government to operate there. He was born there, went to NY to college and moved back to stay. The most interesting part of our conversation was he said;

The islands are no different than NY or Boston. You walk around during the day in the shopping areas or early evening in the entertainment districts and you're going to be fine. You go messing around in shady areas after midnight, you're looking for trouble and will probably find it. He said the all inclusive resorts start rumors that the island/s aren't safe to keep the tourists and their money on site where the prices are jacked up 300%. I found that true. Blue Mountain coffee and Appleton Estate rum were STUPID prices on the resort. The wife decided she wanted a cigarette and paid ten bucks for a pack and gave most of them away. :fie: Shop where the locals shop!

He was a really cool guy and we bought him lunch at Rick's Cafe. He found a nice little humidor where we got some good Cuban's for $5.00 and up. (stogies). Pretty sure I can find his card if anyone needs the guy PM me.

I'd like to explore Puerto Rico more, I've only seen the road between the airport and ship dock a few times. I'd ask the locals where to get a driver body guard and not worry about bringing a gun. I don't remember but it was a pretty fair price for a half day.
The Gun laws in Puerto Rico are very similar too the ones in New Jersey, having owned firearms in both places. Your issued a license To Own and Posses (Must keep Firearm in your home.) a firearm in P.R. and it clearly states that it those NOT authorize you to carry, right on the license. Civilians can only open carry if there working in the capacity of armed security guards or conceal carry if they transport large sums of money due to there buisness and there carry permits are issuded by a Judge.. I left there in 1993, don't think its changed much since. Puerto Rico is not reciprocal with any state.
And update on this PR Gun Law are due for a change thx to the heller and mc donald cases.
Right now the supreme court recognized that is a right to Carry a weapon.
And you still go to the court but you dont have to prove anymore you carry valuables or have a business.
Prosecutor ask your 3 witnesses questions about you if you drink a lot. If you have committed crazy things while drunk that could put somebody life at risk etc...
As far for people from the US visiting you can call the police headquarter and ask what's required for a Temporary CCW permit. They do grant them but I have no info on the process since I have never requested one.
Hello! I'm new to the forum. I used to live in Washington State and I have a CCWP from that state. I moved to P.R. 3 years ago and if you don't have a CCWP from P.R. you have to send your guns through a certified gun store and ship them to another certified gun store in the island. That happened to me. Once I get there I had to go through the whole process again and apply for a CCW. It is very expensive, you need to get a permit to have the gun for your home & range shooting that cost $365 approx. Once you have that permit,then you can apply for a concealed gun permit that cost $864 approx. Thank God that I'm going back to WA next summer for good!!!
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