CCW Holders that broke the law


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The above link is to the brady group's study of "Law abiding permit holders". They list about 148 permit holders who have broken the law with a firearm ie: murder, impersonating an officer, etc.

They claim this was only a "fraction" of the incidents they uncovered. Although having 148 incidents listed as opposed to 150-200 or a nice even number leads me to beleive this was all they found.

Assuming that they found every CCW holder who broke the law and this was 148 Florida alone in 2007 had 60,000 FEMALE permit holders (undisclosed # of males).

This "article" by the brady campaign uses statistics from all over the country, so for fun we'll say there are only 60,000 people licensed to carry in the entire country(there are many many many more).

If 148 of 60,000 broke the law that means that 0.246% of permit holders broke the law...


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It seems like some of the people on this list didn't even break laws. the one in particular that I found interesting was

"Seattle, WA • October 23, 2007. A 23-year-old college student who police declined to identify
was apprehended at Seattle Central Community College after a fellow student reported him to
campus security. The man had one loaded weapon in his waistband and two more in his
backpack, along with ammunition. The man appeared “extremely nervous” and began to cry and
shake uncontrollably when questioned by police. Although the college had a policy prohibiting
possession of firearms on campus, the policy could not be enforced because the young man had a
valid CCW license.72"

according to this he was nervous, didn't know that was against the law. now since you cant determine his intentions you cant clearly say he was going to shoot anyone.

I think they want anything that looks even close to a law being broke so they can say that guns are not safe for civilians to own

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180.2K CCW's in Michigan....That should be just the tri-county area of Wanye, Oakland, and Macomb. With Michigan's 2008 population at 10,003,422 leaves 9,823,222 unarmed victims...How sad and no wounder Michigan has high crime.


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Add 222,822 for Tennessee :laugh:

Source: Tennessee department of safety as of 3/31/2009
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It is funny how quite a few of the cases did not involve someone with a CCW or really had not much to do with the fact that the person was a CCW holder other then they had one. One guy was a former cop, another guy was pulled over by police for something? Had a CCW and was driving on a suspended License now what that has to do with a fire arms violation I don't know. It seems in most of the exapmles you are not getting the hole story only the part they what you to hear to make all of use CCW holder look like crazed gun nuts. Lets face it the systems are not perfect some people that should not have a CCW are going to get one. Just like their are alot of people out their that should not have a drivers License but do. We all know that more people are killed every day by someone driving while drunk or just diving like an idiot.


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I can't find it now, but I recall hearing the crime rate for CCW holders was lower than that of police officers.

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