CCW fingerprinting

Post your states fingerprint requirements....
Pennsylvania = no prints for CCW's

1. Many of the fingerprints for Utah/Arizona CCW classes here in Pennsylvania have fingerprinting services on site. If the class you attend does not offer fingerprints you must go to or call your local police station or local fingerprinting service company, more than likely there will be a fee for this service no matter where you go local p.d./ fingerprints company. The PA State Police no longer fingerprint for any type of employment/ccw permit/license applicants, except Florida CCW.

2. Florida CCW fingerprinting must be done by law enforcement and have the law enforcement officer write his/her department info/address/phone number on the back upper right hand corner. Although the PA State Police will not fingerprint for other states CCW permits, they have made one exception to this and has approved Florida CCW permits to be fingerprinted at their stations. If you call or have any issues with your local PSP barracks please, politely, refer them to their fingerprinting guide which was recently released and should be posted somewhere in the barracks.

3. If you have poor quality fingerprints and they have been rejected from that particular states identification bureau, go back to or call the fingerprint service provider who did your fingerprints originally and have them redo them. The FBI will require that state to submit at least two separate prints at which time if the 2nd set of prints fail, they simply run a name and date of birth check on you.

If you have any trouble finding fingerprints in your local area please search for Erie Fingerprinting Services website Link Removed as it offers many answers to your questions as well as local fingerprints services in your area. Don't hesitate to call me with any question or suggestions you have.

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