CCW and prescription drugs


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I apologize if this question has been ask in the past but it is very important to me to try and find out the correct answer. I recently broke my femur in numerous places, and had to have surgery on my leg, putting a rod and three screw in my leg. As you can imagine they have given me some pretty strong pain killers (tramadol and oxycodone.) I am taking the prescribed amount or less of these drugs and I do not feel like it is affecting my mind or decision making abilities. I have a family and feel that in my current situation having to walk with a walker I feel that I am more venerable now than usual. Are there any laws or rules that would prevent me from carrying because of the medicine I am on. I have been released from the doctor today to be able to drive, so in my opinion I should also be able to carry my weapon and defend my family. I appreciate any input you guys can give me on this. I am under Illinois law if that matters.

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