CC while jogging. advice/experience.


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First off I want to thank Luke McCoy for starting an awesome forum, and all the members opinions, advice, and experience they share with each other. I have learned a lot as I have begun Carrying to protect by family and myself at home and while out and about.

I don't post much, I mostly read, but I haven't found much about carrying while jogging. I usually go running early morning around 5:00-5:30am, and don't live in the safest part of town. I haven't been able to think of or find a save and effective method to carry while jogging. I'm looking for any advice or experience any have to offer. Thanks in advance



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You may also want to consider one of the canvas tactical belts that could be worn under your jogging outfit. That would allow you to carry your typical holster. I like mine tight on my body and not moving, yea it's a little hot and sticky behind the holster and wearing a belt inside your britches takes a little getting used to, but overall it is in my mind the best route because it maintains consistancy in your carry method.

I'm a firm beleiver that what will save a concealed carry citizen in a tactical situation is a well developed muscle memory. A concealed carry citizen in a tactical situation is almost always reacting to a surprise situation that is already bad and those types of situations always get worse fast. That provides ZERO time to think about anything. With no time to think, we must rely on muscle memory to win the fight. More variations we add to our carry technique, the more variations we need to practice, and the more chance we add of a muscle memory mistake that costs us or our loved ones a life.


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I like the option of a tactical belt as well. Try to plan your route away from areas that may be problematic, with the understading that doing so is not a guarantee of safety. Avoidance is an important step in self defense.


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Fanny pack and .380 auto or another small cal weapon. Atty in Tucson was running when 3 illegals killed, one injured/shot running off, other dropped knife and ran. First thing police checked was CCP...AZ is open carry state.

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I used to carry a fanny pack with either a G26, Detective Special, or A Bersa 380.

Now my knees have turned me into a cycler, so I still use the Fanny Pack with a G30.



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I'm fairly well in agreement with LPC1625 on this subject. I like the pistol in the same location (3 o'clock for me) where it's usually worn. But jogging is one of the few times when I switch to a smaller piece.

I put a wide gunbelt on over my underwear, then pull on a pair of loose shorts/jogging pants, and tighten the drawstring. At this point the grip is exposed above my waistline. I cover it with a loose and untucked t-shirt or sweatshirt. It's easy to access with one hand.

I carry a S&W Airweight .38 +P, and hardly know it's there. I'm sure the LCP's, KelTecs, and others would all work great. I can hide a larger pistol under a sweatshirt, but there's more bouncing and adjusting.

For night-jogging, I also carry a small flashlight in my off-hand. Nothing 'tactical', just a small light with a good beam that can be clicked on with my left hand. I consider it as important as the pistol. You have to be able to see your target, and be certain it presents a genuine threat.

Good luck with the jogging, and let's hope this heat goes away and makes it a little more pleasant.
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I have run thousands of miles cross country with a S&W 9mm in 6 o'clock position. I use an inexpensive padded cloth holster, with the belt on the outside, to keep the gun firmly pressed against my back. To allow quick draw, I do not use the velcro retaining strap. Caution-- without the strap, the gun can fall out if you have to dive for cover! Practice!


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There are still some athletic shorts that come with belt loops. I wear those with a belt and an IWB holster, and a t-shirt covering the grip of the pistol. The holster I use for jogging is made of canvas...I don't think leather would hold up to the nightly sweating. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same method I use with my everyday attire. But I jog with a J-Frame, not my usual heavier pistol.

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