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Hi, I'm new to this site,and I have found it to be a wealth of information. I have a couple of questions for 1911 CC carriers. First off, how do you carry your 1911, "cocked and Locked" (hammer back,safety on) or "stand by" (round chambered, and hammer at half cock)I have been given advice by other people. (mostly non-1911 CC carriers) And I'd like to hear from this group. Second, What holster do you use. I have a Citadel 1911 CSP, with a BlackHawk Serpa Holster that I plan to carry "strongside". Thanks in advance for the advice.



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The 1911 was designed to be carried in "condition one"... that is... round in the chamber, hammer back, and safety on. I've been carrying that way for over 40 years, with no problems at all. Holster choice is very subjective, but my holsters are made by Kirkpatrick Leather, Laredo TX. ... this particular one,

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or this one .....

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BOB-O welcome to the site. I CC a 1911A1 Springfield cocked & locked, although at first it seen dangerous. After extensive reading here and doing Google searches. I began to understand the reasoning. While in the #1 position to discharge a round you'll have to have three events happen prior to hearing BOOM!
1. Firm grip-Safety #1
2. Thumb Safety OFF #2
3. Trigger squeezed #3
#1 is the biggie because 2 & 3 will not happen. Some have said " But if someone grabs your weapon so your grip is light or broken" My reply is you should have never let them get that close. OR if events just happen that way.....1911A1 are great for pistol whipping, driving nails and occasionally breaking up ice for the cooler.
Hope this helps some, keep researching. ALL THE ABOVE is just MHO. Do with it as you deem. Again Welcome from SC.

As for Holsters for CC. Due to the size of a 1911A1 I recommend SOB for light days..........Shoulder, pistol parallel to the ground for heavy days!

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I always carry "Cocked and Locked."

I keep it in strong side holster under shirt and/or a vest.

I have a "Safepacker" rig for backpacking or other situations.

In the summer, it gets carried a lot less.



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thanks all, i love this site for ALL the info and opinions. My Citadel has a 3.5" barrel and doesnt seem to print with the Blackhawk holster and a tee shirt. i plan on a SOB holster for summer while riding the motorcycle. Thanks again.


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The 1911 was designed to be carried in "condition one"... that is... round in the chamber, hammer back, and safety on. I've been carrying that way for over 40 years, with no problems at all. Holster choice is very subjective, but my holsters are made by Kirkpatrick Leather, Laredo TX. ... this particular one,

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What he said ^. :yes4:
Minus about 33 years. :tongue:


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BoB O,

I am another that has carried a 1911 for many years, always cocked and locked. That is the way the pistol was designed to be carried.

Like many here I have a bushel basket full of holsters. My advice is to buy a top quality rig from Sparks, Rosen, Kirkpatrick or one of the other top leather folks. I also suggest a double thickness gun belt that is the same width as the loops in your holster. Minimum width is 1.25 inches. The belt is the foundation of your carry rig, if it is not right or does not provide good vertical stiffness the pistol will not carry well and you’ll get tired of pulling up your britches.

IMO the SOB holster is not a secure position for carry. It is behind you, in a crowd I worry about losing control of the weapon not to mention gun retention techniques don’t work well with the SOB (No I am not a karate expert). I was at a small café in Bisbee, AZ when a rider came in sat down and his vest pulled completely up and over his Glock in a SOB. Folks where beside, behind and walking past him for the better part of an hour, he was oblivious that the weapon was completely exposed.
I use Mitch Rosen gear…good stuff.
Rosen Product Line

Good Luck,


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always cocked and lock condition #1.

Holsters, well very subjective for sure. I carry SOB palm out IWB mostly and when Im not then I carry OWB strong side coverd with shirt. I also carry Appendix carry as well. IWB are Kydex from Alabama Holster and OWB is a Wilson Combat Shark skin. I also love my super tuck IWB strongside. All of these carry positions depend on what I am wearing and which 1911 I am carrying at the time.

Good luck and carry the way you are comfortable.


It's "Thanks Y'all." Correct usage of the term y'all is very important. Note that the plural form of y'all is not y'alls, it's all y'all. The possesive form of y'all is y'all's. The plural possesive form is all y'all's

I get the feel that y'all is from Texas. :biggrin:


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I carry IWB in a Milt Sparks VM II or a Tucker Leather THE ANSWER.

The half cock notch is not a safety. It is designed to prevent the hammer from falling on to the FP in the event of a sear failure.

JMB called the half cock notch the "safety area" in his original patent but he didn't specify it as a safety per se. After the Army asked for the thumb safety, it never made it into the Army MOA. The only 2 safeties in the Army MOA are the grip safety and thumb safety. No manufacturer I know of recommends carrying with the hammer in the half cock notch as a safety. Condition 1 or Condition 3 is it.


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placing the gun in the half cock position can be a saftey issue as well. A slip or distraction and you could have an accidental discharge. Cocked and locked is perfectly safe. If you have any doubt, cock and lock it prior to putting a magazine in and carry in your normal holster. Once your comfortable that it will not just fire, then carry with one in the chamber. I read that somewhere and it made sense to me. I carry a Kimber PCII in a Adams Texas IWB, Kirkpatrick OWB with thumb snap depending on dress.


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Always carry mine in "Condition Dangerous":biggrin:... Cocked and Locked.

In a threat situation when you pull it out fast and your heart is racing in that life/death situation, remembering to rack the slide or cock the hammer back will be the delay that could make things worse... If you practice it over and over, your thumb will find that safety lever and drop it at the presentation and you'll be ready to fire... Fumbling the gun trying to get the hammer back is also a bad idea and can lead to a stray bullet in a panic situation...

Practice the draw and presentation with a snap cap from condition 1. Also practice unloading the gun with the same snap cap, from condition 1 to make sure you can do it without a discharge...

A holster with a thumb-break that will prevent a falling hammer from striking the pin helps ease tension..

Once you do it and feel safe with your ability to handle it, you'll be at ease...

Brommeland MAX-CON V IWB Holster..



DeSantis slide with thumb break OWB


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