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If you come across web sites that offer concealed carry items and thoughts to ponder for women, and men, please post them here. Thanks.

I like this one: Cornered Cat

From that site:

Gun Store Miss Adventures
By Kathy Jackson

When a woman purchases her first defensive handgun, she begins a personal journey that is often exciting, frequently bewildering, and usually provides a few unexpected bumps and thrills along the way. Sometimes her journey starts with a traumatic event; more often, it is the outgrowth of life changes both big and small, or the doing of friends or family who first urge her to set foot upon the path to determined self-defense.

Facing such a life change, entering an unfamiliar subculture, and dragging along at least a little emotional baggage, it is no surprise that a woman in search of her first firearm might feel a bit overwhelmed the first time she steps into a gun shop. "My first steps into a gun shop seven years ago were with fear and trepidation. I knew I didn’t belong there and had no business walking up those threadbare astro-turfed steps," admits concealed-carry permit holder Stephanie Cáceres. "I walked in with my eyes averted hoping no one would address me because I sure didn’t know what I was going to say to them."

That's not an uncommon feeling for a woman entering such an unfamiliar world. It might even be the norm.

With a little help from my friends

When women reminisce about purchasing their first defensive firearms, friends and family often figure prominently in the stories. This is not surprising, since women are usually social creatures. Nor does this dynamic stop with the purchase of a gun; women are perhaps more likely than men to go to the range with friends than by themselves, and more likely to seek out social shooting events. The wonderful reality here is that good friends can often ease a new shooter's induction into gun ownership, and make that first gun-shopping experience much less traumatic.

After a home invasion left her battered, bruised, and feeling vulnerable, Cassandra, a pediatric nurse in Tennessee, called some friends in law enforcement for advice. "I called them thinking they'd tell me pepper spray or martial arts classes because they all knew how I felt about guns, but all of them said we're going to teach you how to shoot. We're going to get you over this fear and you are going to own a gun. It took several months to heal up from the attack, and then to get past the fear of guns, but I did it."

"They brought me lots of guns," says Cassandra of the friends who helped her. "I shot everything, just everything you can imagine. I had a lot of things to deal with and I needed to figure out what I was comfortable with, what fit my hand and what I was willing to practice with. They really helped expose me to a lot of different handguns."

By the time she was ready to purchase her own firearm, Cassandra felt confident enough to make ...

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"From a Woman's Perspective"

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by Melissa Allison, Former Director KC3

I will admit it right from the start; I am a new gun owner. Less than a year ago I would have been more likely to be a member of the Million Mom March than a board member of the Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed. However, as the saying goes, "Times change" and so have my views of guns and gun ownership. I now understand the value of protecting the right to carry concealed weapons. My change of heart resulted in shooting IDPA, joining KC3, and becoming a member of the board of directors. As a member, I have taken the task of writing a column for the newsletter that specifically addresses the needs of women as they relate to concealed carry and gun ownership. In future issues I would like to address various topics of interest to women; however, for this issue I thought it would be appropriate to simply introduce myself and chronicle my journey into the realm of concealed carry.

Ironically enough my first real exposure to guns occurred in California, that state which is rapidly limiting access to handguns. I never had any real interest in guns ...
Small, Safer pistols offer women new CCW options?

Small, Safer pistols offer women new CCW options - Arms and the woman
Shooting Industry, June, 2002 by Lisa Parsons-Wraith

What size handgun is best for women? A small one? Just because a gun is small doesn't automatically mean it is the best firearm for a woman.

Here are some needs a dealer should consider when recommending a 4 firearm. For the woman shooter, what is a firearm's primary purpose? How often will she shoot the gun? How much training is she willing to commit to? How will the firearm be carried?

Once this is known, a dealer may discover the woman is familiar with firearms, and is an ideal customer for a small self-defense carry gun. Some fantastic new pistols can ...(click here to read the rest of the article)
I love Cornered Cat - lots of great info there - I even passed the site on to my CCW instructor for future women students

Lots of the stuff on the site can apply to both women and men. Self defense and personal safety apply to all. I use a lot of her material with my students. I'll make copies and hand them out at gun shows and presentations. (I did get written permisson from Kathy).


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