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Got my MO CCW a few days back, carried CC for the first time over the weekend.

Felt, well, strange. Kinda embarassed. Like everybody was looking at me, but I knew they weren't.

When does this feeling go away?

I think everyone gets anxious and paranoid when they first start carrying concealed. Sadly, the undertone of popular culture makes it seem wierd and out of place, even dangerous to own firearms. I'd say within a couple weeks it will feel like your CCW has always been there, in fact, it'll feel wierd when it's not on you.

It is your God given right to keep and bear arms, friend. You should be proud to defend our heritage, as well as you and your families lives. It is an honorable choice to be a sheep dog. :biggrin:
Congrats and welcome

Welcome to USACarry MissouriShooter - great to have you with us.

Congrats on your new CCW. Like Cooter said, it's a great thing to exercise your 2A rights.

I personally think that "weird feeling" is a good thing. It signifies one's appropriate respect and appreciation for all the various aspects of carrying concealed in public. While the "weirdness" will likely diminish in time, I hope the respect and appreciation holds fast. (Don't be "that guy" that leaves his heater in the public bathroom or fitting room for example.)

So - what are you hauling with your new CCW and in what rig?

Again - welcome!:biggrin:
It want be long before that feeling will go away and before long you will feel naked without it.
Its no different than carrying your cell phone, They print the same way. in time you wont even think about it.
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I know just how you feel. I used my Utah non-resident CCW permit in PA for the first time recently when I spent the weekend in PA. It felt kinda strange but good wearing My Glock 32 in a Fobus inside pants holster. It was a warm weekend, so I only had a sweatshirt over it but after contorting in front of a mirror, it only printed if I tried to make it do so. At one point I was standing in a line right in front of 2 cops and that really made me feel uncomfortable but I knew I was legal so I wasn't worried. They never knew I was carrying. Very cool feeling.
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It will pass with time. I think for me it took about 4 months. It's just like anything else that's new. The next plight you will have will be holster selection and modes of carry. Once you get use to it you'll feel naked and weird without it. There's a zen to CCW. Above all make sure your mode of carry is comfortable, fits you and your lifestyle. If it's comfortable and fits you this process will go by even more quickly.
I believe to a point that feeling is a good thing. It helps maintain awareness and the responsibilty of having a weapon. And like what has already been mentioned, you will come to the place of feeling naked without it!
don't worry about it. the feeling will pass. just act normal and no one will know the difference. if you act like you have a gun then people will think you have a gun.

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