CC Debate on 2 Colorado Campuses


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The debate over carrying concealed weapons on campus heats up in Pueblo. The Colorado State University Board of Governors will decide in February whether to ban concealed weapons at CSU-Pueblo and CSU Ft. Collins. Right now, they're allowed on both campuses.

On Monday, student governments at the two universities voted to oppose the ban, but faculty members voted to support it.

Students we spoke with at CSU-Pueblo remain spilt on the issue. "It's our constitutional right to bear arms I think we should be able to defend ourselves in case of a situation," said Alejandro Preciado, a freshman at CSU-Pueblo.

"We're not trying to take away anyone's right to bear arms or anything like that, we're just trying to do what the studies are showing to make our campus safer," said Steve Titus, CSU-Pueblo's Student Body President.

Only a few schools in the country currently allow concealed weapons.

The CSU gun ban proposal will be presented for further consideration by the Board of Governors on Feb. 17 in Pueblo.

If a ban goes into effect, please post this sign.
ATTENTION All terrorsists, criminals, lunatics and other 15-minute fame seekers: This campus is a gun-free victim disarmament zone. All law-abiding, upstanding, hard-working, honest, God-fearing individuals on this property have been threatened by law with imprisonment, fines or both if they carry a firearm. Of course, you must enter and kill at your own risk because there is a small chance that there may be some of the latter who still believe that the second amendment gives the university no right to disarm them.

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