CBH Super-Tuck and HK P2000SK...

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Does anyone have experience with this combination... this seems to be a very workable solution for a "first carry" arrangement due to the simple options and reasonable design and price...

my only concerns would be its fitment style with that specific pistol... what do you all think?

I don't have experience with the HK, but I just picked up a Supertuck for my xd9sc. For me, the Supertuck conceals well, and is extremely comfortable while walking around. Mine has less than a couple full days of wear, so it may need some more breaking in, but the only discomfort I have is while driving. My seats are fairly aggressive and the butt of my xd hits the seat and is a bit annoying. I haven't made any adjustments yet. I'm going to give it a few full days of wear to full break in before I determine how much I like it.

I must say, that for concealment, it is far better than any OWB holster I've ever worn.

As for fitment with the specific model gun you have, it is listed on their site, and they have a 2 week trial period where you can send it back for a refund if you don't like it. They also state that if you don't like the retention, you can send it back to have it looser or tighter.
I don't like tuckable holsters. I don't like tucking in my shirt if I'm carrying on my hip, because doing so slows down the draw. It's better to keep an untucked shirt while carrying.
I wear a shirt and tie almost every day, tuck is mandatory for me... even if I'm wearing a jacket... I have it off most of the day.
I like my Crossbreed for my Sig P250 very much. It does however, leave a big bulge if I tuck it. I unfortunately, just carry my Kel-tec 380 in my pocket with a shirt and tie. A Smartcarry will work, but it's hard to get to the pistol.

Love the supertuck. Use it with my XD45 Compact which I think is comparable to the P2000. Conceals easily and even with the bulkier XD I can and sometimes do carry "tucked".

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