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I have been reloading for four years. i have been for 3 years reloading lead, and i love it... so i am not new to this... but what i have a question about is casting my own lead. my wife and i have decided to do this for our 9mm due to the fact that lead 9mm are hard to find..... our question is this.. what do we need to do this... and where can we order the equipment from... i was thinking midwayusa. but what do we need??? thanks

just look on the internet or a local gun store,you will probably need a bullet resizer which also applys greese to the bullet groves,when the bullet is put in the resizer it compresses it to the correct diameter an can be used to apply gas checks ,you have to keep the volicity lower with lead bullets or it will lead up the bore some making it harder to clean.
You'll need a lead pot to melt the led. Check local tire stores and see if you can get some old wheel weights. They work the best for bullets because of the amount of tin in them. A bullet mould for the weight of the bullet you want to shoot. A sizing die will be needed if the bullets come out larger than the nominal size you need and last you will need bullet lube. Lee makes a fine liquid bullet lube and sizing dies.

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