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I am curious,does anyone know if we can legally carry concealed while traveling on a train.I have never heard this issue discussed before and was wondering.

Amtrak's baggage policy states no firearms, ammo, or explosives can be checked or carried onboard. They appear to be tougher than the airlines. I got that from their website, but I would call them to chheck for sure if I were traveling with them.
I guess they feel the same about weapons as the airlines do.It`s not surprising that they also have a policy for no guns.I guess it would be safe to assume that there aren`t really too many forms of public transportation that allow concealed carry.
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I was just curious, does anyone that travels on Amtrak know if there is metal detectors at the train station?
Seems to me any public carrier would have a ban of some about Greyhound?
From checking their website,greyhound seems to be stricter than either plane or train,and seem to have a bigger list of prohibited items.I would have thought that you would be allowed to carry while on a bus,and technically,unless they were physicaly searching,or had a metal detector,i don`t see how they would know.I guess no one seems to want to take any chances now adays,but as we all know.Laws only affect honest people.
I was just curious, does anyone that travels on Amtrak know if there is metal detectors at the train station?
I know i have never personally traveled by train or know anyone who has.I have been checking though for next year when i travel up north for my sons graduation.
That is interesting... never thought about it and it has been many years since I traveled via rail (pre 9/11) but as I recall boarding a train is much the same as boarding a bus... who would know?:confused:
CCW on a train

I would suggest some careful study before boarding either a train or a bus while carrying. I believe Montana states in their CCW rules, no carrying on a train, among other restrictions. Greyhound is very strict. NM has a "no carry" on a bus. One of our biggest problems with CCW across the USA, is the great disparity in laws and rules, from state to state. In some cases, you could be breaking the law, and not even be aware of it. The "Gun Free School Zone" Act is a classic, where you are legal up to the school property in the state that issued your CCW license, but in no other state, even with "reciprocity" or "honoring" of your license. Kind of a broad answer, but the train carry question opens the door to so many other unreasonable restrictions. Think of the U.S. Department of Interior literally thumbing its' collective noses at the U.S. Constitution, Second Amendment. Where to begin?:(
It seems that most forms of public transportation don`t allow concealed carry.I also wonder if these places actually have signs posting such rules,because to be quite honest,if i had to travel by bus unexpectedly for any reason,i`m not sure i would check the rules to see if i could carry legally.I know most people with a cc license know the rules concerning planes,but i`m not sure the majority of people would know the laws concerning other forms of public transportation.What about taxi cabs,does anyone know the rules concerning them?

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