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I was reading an article by Robert H. Boatman entitled "The Constitutional Right and Social Obligation to Carry a Gun." In it he says the following:

"The most dangerous places in the world are those called 'gun-free safety zones' by their ignorant political creators and known by criminals and psychopaths as 'safe-to-kill zones.' Even and adolescent school kid can figure out that an advertized killing field where no one is allowed to shoot back is the safest location in the world to carry out a mass shooting. Don't even consider going to a place like that unarmed, whether it's your kid's school or a national park."

So what do you all think? Would you carry concealed at a high school football game? At your daughter's school choir concert? I have. But I struggle with having done so. I'm curious what others out there think. :confused:

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You sound like a true patriot. I probably wouldn't considering my type of employment is law-enforcement related or pseudo-law enforcement, however, it seems our government has passed a number of illegal laws and policies so we should in theory return it in kind with acts of civil disobedience especially that which is our given rights as citizens.
I personally carry where it's legal to carry. I am comforted to know others are carrying around me.

This election is soooo important.
Sgt. Sig, you just site the very end of the quote from Boatman "If you can't handle breaking the law, don't go." I did not start this thread to advocate breaking the law but rather to enter into a rational discussion on the problem we face with "gun free zones." If you consider the whole quote from Boatman he brings up a valid dilema that I am sincerely struggling with. To think of "gun-free zones" as "safe-to-kill zones" for the bad guys really bothers me. What about the sign posted at the mall that says "no guns allowed." Just last year South of Seattle in a mall, a psycho with a gun walked through shooting people randomly. A conceal carry holder shot at him and stopped the bad guys rampage. What if that mall had a "gun-free zone" sign posted? Please don't get hung up on the end of Boatman's quote that you site. I did not intend for that to be the focus of this discussion.
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I agree. So I will go back and edit the original and remove the quote in question. Can we now go back to discussion about "gun-free zones" being "safe-to-kill zones." Thanks.
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I agree. So I will go back and edit the original and remove the quote in question.

Sound wisdom bro! ;) (I deleted those distracting post as well)

Like I mentioned before, state law prohibits me from carrying on any school property. Many states have the same laws and some are actually looking at changing those laws. With all the shootings at schools and collages, it's just insane to disarm honest students and turn them in to victims in a virtual slaughter house.

But where there is no force of law behind the sign, I will continue to carry concealed if I must go to a business that post such a sign and avoid going there all together if I can.
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I agree that "safe to kill zones" are a crock. I try to avoid them as best I can. but when I have to go to them I use my best judgement. which usually comes down to... I would rather have a fighting chance then to have very little chance at all.
I agree with what most of you are saying, I have two kids in school and go to church, I obey the laws, I like my ccw permit and would like to keep it. I wish they had trained people at high schools and collages to help in case of need. the mall carry laws are a bunch of BS. and any stores that do the same, I my self I hardly ever go to the malls thou, can't stand them.
I realize your post is not about us breaking the law I will start by saying I will not knowingly carry where it is illegal. However, I do not see how the forces that be cannot see that these gun free zones only effect law abiding citizens. They are trying to pass a law in TN that would allow us to carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol as long as we are not drinking. I have emailed my senator and representative to request they support this legislation. I will carry anywhere I can, and I hope that area continues to grow.
So what do you all think? Would you carry concealed at a high school football game? At your daughter's school choir concert? I have. But I struggle with having done so. I'm curious what others out there think. :confused:

Here's what I think.Bear in mind that not many people,if any,think like I do,at least not completely.(An example of God's mercy,I suppose.)
Would I knowingly carry where it is prohibited?I don't know.I guess it would depend on the situation.If I did,and I didn't get caught,I would not struggle with it.Did you do it to be bad or to hurt somebody or to prevent someone from hurting you and yours?You shouldn't struggle with it either.
Just me.
I'm not a criminal, so I'll comply with the law to the best of my ability. I'll do my best to stay away from places were carrying would be in violation of the law. Certain states have laws where businesses can post a sign that prohibits carrying on premises. If the sign by its self holds no legal weight (like in FL where businesses must ask you to leave or you can be charged with trespasing), I will enter the business only if I have no other options. (Like if one grocery store is posted and the one next door isn't). I'll also get the contact info for store managment and will send them a letter voicing my concerns with their policy.

The whole idea of "concealed carry" is that the casual observer doesn't know you have it. Keep it "concealed" and you shouldn't have any problems anywhere you go. ;)
I feel that the 2nd amendment is the law of the land and any law that violates it is a violation of the constitution. That being said we have to deal with unjust laws everyday. I try to avoid "killing zones" as much as I can. When I can't then I have to way the fear of needing my gun and not having it against the fear of being arrested for carrying and make my choice from there. Each one of us has to chose what they feel they need to do. None of us can make that choice for someone else. The best answer I can give is the 2nd amendment says you are not wrong but you may suffer for standing up for what you know is right.

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