Carrying in a church?

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In Hendersonville, NC the police chief has taken the stance that; "As much as a lot of people may not want to hear this," Blake said. "It's not a bad idea to have a security plan that may include having members or officers within the church armed and trained to use firearms." The local news covered this meeting today, and there was a large crowd.
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OBTW, NC does not have a law preventing carry in a church, unlike SC which does.
Our church pretty much follows the Hendersonville police chief's stance.

Our area is near Charleston where the Emanuel Nine were executed in their AME church during prayer service, so people here are sensitive to church shootings.

In 2014 Pinckney opposed a bill that would have changed SC law and permitted CC in churches.

Wonder if he had second thoughts about his opposition as he was dying.

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Under the existing law in SC, we can carry in churches if we have the pastor's permission. Pastor Pinckney's church members could have carried if they had his permission. Apparently, that was not their choice.

Even when carrying is allowed, not everyone wants to carry a weapon, for a variety of reasons.
I carry in church....No one knows but me and my best friend who also carries. He is a former LEO and I train with him.
Carrying in Church

I carry in church....No one knows but me and my best friend who also carries. He is a former LEO and I train with him.

I read these threads periodically when my schedule allows. Typically I try to respond when an issue is being debate with what I know the law in Indiana says about the topic. This issue struck me as particularly interesting because i have found myself carrying concealed in church at times.

There is not anything in Indiana Code that would prohibit you from directly carrying in church. There is one SIGNIFICANT factor, however, that cannot be overlooked, that is, Ind. Code 35-47-9 et seq.. Prior to entering a house of worship, you must perform an analysis to determine whether or not that house of worship also serves as a school. The analysis is complex but ought to include whether a school operates independently from the church? Hours of operation of the "school"? Is the "school" just Sunday school meeting on Sunday mornings? Are teachers volunteers or paid staff? Is there a tuition that is paid for students to attend? Does the church operate a "day care" that could be construed as a school?

While it may seem like a no brainer that carrying in a church concealed is safe and may, in fact, be a crime. Tread cautiously before making the decision to carry in church.

If you have any firearms related questions, you are welcome to contact me directly [email protected].

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