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I have my cwp in south carolina and Arizona which allows me to carry in Georgia a lot of the surrounding states recognize my permit is it that easy for me to just carry across state lines?

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You will be under the authority of the state you are entering. Their laws will apply to you while there. make sure there is some agreement or reciprocity between you home state and theirs. If you get picked up in another state carrying illegally, it may be a long time before you get home. Know what I'm sayin'?

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New to the site and have a few questions before leaving on vacation. Not even sure how to start a new post. Anyhow, I have a ccw permit in Mississippi and reciprocity shows via that my trip from Mississippi to Wisconsin will be covered until i get to Wisconsin. MS,TN,AR,MO and IA have reciprocity. first question is that most cites say "check with the state you are traveling to" to make sure in fact that you can carry, but where do you find this definitive information? Also, my assumption is that before i get to wisconsin i can unload my firearm and case it and store it before entering the state. Any info would be great as far as posting this in the correct area and about the questions.


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Another site to check is If you are going to travel through IL you can have a loaded handgun with you IF you have a cc permit from your home state. But you must leave it locked up in the console or glove compartment if you exit the vehicle. Also you are correct about unloading and storing your firearm before entering WI.

Get and read all the info from each state you will be traveling through from this site and because each state can have some different laws sch as informing a LEO when stopped and restaurant carry. The main thing is to do the research yourself and not trust an unknown entity to tell you the laws!

Good luck, have a safe trip and welcome to the forum.


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Hey there, new to the forums and glad to see this thread. I didn't want to post a new thread if my question had already been addressed. I'm in South Carolina and have applied for a CWP. I live alone and go to Georgia once a year for a sci-fi convention, but I would like to go more places.


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We will be driving from SC to CT this summer for a three-week vacation. We'll cross into other states (NC, VA, MD, DE, PA, NY, NJ and MA) on our trip. There's not much reciprocity along that trail. :(

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