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I have to carry deep as I work in a non-2A environment. I've been carrying for about a year at work, but every day I'm always worried about my gun falling out. Jobs are hard to find, and I for sure don't want to get fired. However, I'm also not okay with being unarmed, as the place I work is ripe for armed robbery... as are most places I suspect.

Anyway - when I carry my derringer, I usually just pocket carry. The pants I wear have a strange coin pocket which is very long and fits the derringer well. However, the grip of the derringer is only about a half-inch from the top of my pocket. I might be able to find another pair of pants which will work, but I would also like to find another way to carry.

I could ankle-carry, if anyone in my town had ankle-holsters. I could continue to pocket carry, if I could find a method which would make me more comfortable. I don't want to spend a ton of money on a cel-pal. I'm wondering if I'm doing it right, or if there's another way to carry I'm not thinking of.

I'm an accomplished leather holster maker, but just searching through Google Images isn't giving me any ideas. Any ideas?

I had my wife fold over the lining in the front pocket and sew it. Kind of like short-sheeting the pocket. My LCP sits in it nicely.
If you don't like the snap idea by boatbob2, try a small piece of velcro. Give it some thought, you'll come up with something.
I'm carrying a Cobra Arms 22mag - stainless. Cobras are cheap guns, but this thing goes bang whenever I take it to the range. The hyper-velocity ammo I use has enough pressure to jam the casing in the chamber pretty good, so 2 shots is really 2 shots as it takes a bit of time to extract the spent casings.

I like all of the ideas. I'm going to experiment with them, and also I've been inspired to get my wife to set up her sewing machine. I'm working on inventing a new holster. I'll post pics when I get the final design and test it.

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