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For the others out there whos fammilys want to see some form of " higger education" LOL. I was thinking of a post to recomend good, or point out bad books about CC, probobly start with two catigories, CC BASICS, wepon choice, carry methods... and the more advanced, TACTICS AND LEATHAL FORCE.
I am sure I am not the only one who would benifit frome a few good sugestions.

No second Place Winner- Bill Jordan
The Truth about Self Protection- Massad Ayoob
In the Gravest Extreme- Massad Ayoob
StressFire- Massad Ayoob
I must second HK4U's list, although I would add one more, John Bianchi's 'Blue Steel and Gunleather." He has a photo of himself in a suit, and sad to say, he looks like a police detective in the mold of Joe Friday. He then has the same position, but with his jacket opened and his pants legs pulled up. It is amazing that a person can carry that many guns and not have them print anywhere. It reminded me of when we had the Tyson gang escape, they sent a detective to stand guard on the radio room. He asked if I would watch his arsenal when he went to the boy bush. He piled more guns than I have seen outside of a gun shop on the desk. I have to guess he really believed in a New York reload. i.e. grab another loaded gun.
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Some of My Carry Related Books

As I sit here in the den looking at the bookshelf, here are a few of mine:
  1. The Concealed Handgun Manual - Chris Bird
  2. Effective Handgun Defense - Frank W James
  3. Tactical Pistol Marksmanship - Gabe Suarez
  4. The Tactical Pistol - Gabriel Suarez
  5. Force-On-Force Gunfight Training - Gabriel Suarez
  6. Defensive Shooting for Real-Life Encounters - Ralph Mroz
  7. Real-World Survival - Walt Rauch
Hidden In Plain Sight - Troy Bloodworth & Mike Raley
Practical Pistol Manual - Bill Clede
In The Gravest Extreme - Massad F. Ayoob
The Concealed Handgun Manual - Chris Bird

Not in any order.
I may be off the mark here completly, and if so I apologize, but there is a tremendous book for up close hand to hand ( and much more) that may interest a few on here. If you can get your head around eastern philosophy mixed with hard-wired strategy, you will "get it".
A Book of Five Rings........Miyamoto Musashi
I noticed that Instructor Dennis had Concealed Handgun Manual by Chris Bird at the top of his list. It is definitely on top of my list! It pretty well covers it all>


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