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I carry a HK USP .40
Glock 23 .40


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When wheel guns lock up they become hammers. The ones I have had stop shooting were issue guns that were not maintained right and ammo issues.

Very true. I've had two wheelies lock up on me in thirty years of shooting and my Brother had one lock up on him in a gunfight. He discovered that the S&W Model 28 makes a pretty effective hammer against the BG's skull. :D

Any man made item can malfunction, but I've lost count of the number of times I've had to clear a "jam" in an issued autoloader. While revolvers may take longer to clear when they do lock up, I find that they "jam" significantly less often.

My personal guns are well maintained and I can't remember my last "jam" with my personal autoloaders. If I have a choice and it's an issued weapon, I'll take a revolver. I don't get a choice though, so it's an issued autoloader for me.



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Tap rack and shoot or use the auto as a hammer. All of the problems I've had with my personal wheel guns has been ammo related. Learn to check ammo before loading.


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I am a relative newbie. My always carry is a Kahr PM 9 in a UBG IWB holster. I have just recently started practicing my draw, but started with my XD 9 in a OWB holster. Just using snap caps in the house so far, but I think I do pretty good, my average draw and shoot time is usually under 1 second. (My best time surprised me at only 0.6 seconds but that only happened once. The big question? With snap caps I don't know if I would have hit a barn.

A friend decided to time me at the range today with my Kahr, but he wanted to time me through 5 shots. He said he read that a good time was five shots in 5 seconds including the draw. Range was 21 feet and he pinned up a 4 X 5 inch paper. I got 4 of five in the 4X5 in 4.93 seconds. I missed the first shot.

To be honest I think I was very lucky to get 4 of 5 in that small a target with my small Kahr although it would not have shocked me with either my 5 " 1911 or 4" XD 9. Heck I'm lucky to hit that small a target 4 out of 5 with no time constraints and careful aiming between shots with the tiny Kahr.

What I don't know is if that is good, bad, or average as I had only been timing the first shot with a snap cap.

How do you practice drawing and shooting? What distance, what size target and what is a good time?

I spend more time practicing drawing and aiming, not shooting. If you practice drawing and shooting you can develop muscle memory and you may shoot something you shouldn't. I was trained that a menace shouldn't be allowed to close with me more than 20-25 feet before ending the confrontation. That is the distance I tend to practice at.


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All of the problems I've had with my personal wheel guns has been ammo related.
I can't say that. I had the sweetest S&W Mdl 38 Airweight years ago on which the firing pin bushing would back out after the first two shots. Seems the action of the primer pushing back would back up the bushing, and by the third shot the first two primers...having failed to reset because of the backed-out bushing, and being allowed to remain sticking out a few thousanths from the rear of the cartridge case...were binding on the pan as the cylinder turned for the next shot. Made me very unhappy. Little bugger, with a 2" barrel!, would shoot 10-rings all day long.

I may have to get another one one day. Currently a Mdl 60 has taken its place.
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Notice I said personal guns. I had a issue gun fall apart at state 48. Carried it for weeks before trying to shoot. Never again.

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Welcome aboard! ;)

I'm moving to 1911's for carry, I already shoot .45's but I just shoot a 1911 so much better!
I do have one revolver for a BUG though.
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Springfield XD-357 Service

Open carry Blackhawk SERPA summertime, conceal Don Hume 711OT wintertime. Can usually make first hit just under a second from OC draw. Concealed takes longer (obviously), depending on how many layers.


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A hit in under a second is good. And it is reasonable for everybody to strive toward getting a hit in 1.5 sec. I don't much believe in practicing drawing but not firing. I understand the concern of building muscle memory and thereby firing when firing is undesirable. So I would suggest working with a buddy and devising shoot- don't shoot drills.


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Shoot, and don't shoot drills are a great suggestion Hoot, Practice, Practice, and more Practice is always good.. :)

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