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hi all, i currently live in NJ we are building a new house in sussex co. DE. i plane to reside there pt. time until i retire in about 3 yrs. can i obtain a Carry permit in DE as a pt. time resident. only to be used in Delaware. thanks.?

I also live in Sussex County...Seaford. Now, I am no expert on this but if you have a residential address I would think you should be able to obtain your Delaware CCW permit. You will have to fulfill all of the other requirements too. One of which is to have 5 non-relatives that live in Sussex County sign a character affidavit, which may be rather challenging if you are new to the area and don't know anyone yet.

Try these 2 forums:
Delaware Open Carry • Delaware Open Carry -- Even though it is entitles Open Carry, there a lot of knowledgeable people regarding concealed carry, and they are incredibly helpful people.

Delaware Concealed Carry Forum - Index -- There are great people here too, but not near as much activity on this forum as there is on the one above.

Good Luck!!!!
I'd suggest getting a Florida Non-Resident CCW. It's good for 7 years and Delaware recognizes the Florida non-resident permit along with 30+ other states. In 3 years when you retire, you can go through the Delaware permitting process...if you want to go that route.
I may be wrong, but I thought Florida requires you to have a permit in your home state in order to qualify for their permit? I think Utah, on the other hand, is a different story. Though, I may be mistaken on both accounts.

I forgot to mention in my first may need a Delaware drivers license to apply for the DE permit.
Florida does not require you to have a CCW in your home state. They are a "shall issue" state that requires proof of training/military service, finger prints, their application (notarized), photo ID and $117. It takes approximately 3 weeks from mailing in your application until you receive your permit back in the mail.
Here is their link: Form/Publication Request 790 - Division of Licensing, FDACS
I suggest seeking out a Utah permit class which are all over the country. the permit is easy to obtain and is honored in DE. The Legal Heat ( folks run classes on a regular bases on the east coast and you can get the Arizona permit at the same time. Great folks to deal with, highly recommend.

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